We believe all great ideas start with a conversation. Investing in software management tools that drive better conversations have compounding effects on team productivity. Here’s the current situation — teams are spending more time tracking down information instead of producing actual work. With Convo, feedback can be collected and projects move forward without the delay of internal emails being ignored or hard-to-schedule meeting times. Convo has been proven to be a more effective solution to keep work in one place, flowing smoothly — conversations and files are organized together, archived, easily searchable. Convo fine-tunes collaboration every step of the way, going beyond other team management tools. Here are some features that make Convo the essential tool management software:
Real time messaging and smart notifications keep you in the loop
Create public or private Groups to keep different parts of work organized
Advanced search helps you remember everything
Private or group chat
Easily invite external guests
True collaboration
Starting an email thread anytime something needs to get done is painfully ineffective and costly. Email communication becomes fragmented with every 'reply all' and attachments often go ignored or unopened. Email is not built for detailed, back-and-forth conversations among multiple teammates. Convo can help. Our vision is to have the right work conversations visible, inclusive, and contextualized so productivity (and relationships) don’t suffer. We also tuned our work management tool with Annotation, which allows teams to mark up work documents and images alongside comments so discussions are comprehensive, clear, and to-the-point. Ultimately, if work communication has enough context the first time around, less emails or meetings are needed. Instead, you can spend more time with your ideas, your creativity, and the often neglected un-automatable parts of work.
Over 2 million conversations started.
The future of work isn't what it used to be
Go anywhere with Convo. Regardless of being in front of your desktop or on your mobile device, work conversations come with you. There's no office required for taking action. With minimal blockers and delays, internal communication becomes tighter, decisions are made faster, and the quality of work is set to a higher bar.
In addition, Convo is the only business collaboration tool that protects your data in storage with at–rest encryption and in transit with SSL encrypted 2048–bit keys. Beyond bank-grade security meets efficient tool management software.
Convo is a fast, secure and contextual conversation. In one place. Produce the best work in the minimal amount of time. To learn more, go to www.convo.com to choose the plan that’s right for your team.
Your best teamwork awaits
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