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There are plenty of productivity apps on the market at the moment, all with the same message - we need to be left alone to work; we need silence, isolation. Here at Convo, we couldn't disagree more. We believe that conversation is the key to productivity. The problem is filtering out unnecessary conversation while making sure everyone is copied in on must see information. In short, we need better, more meaningful conversation. Enter Convo. Convo is a new approach to business that takes the best of social networking, task management software, project management apps, and productivity tools to streamline your work conversations. You'll be able to reach everyone who needs to included in any big decision instantly, with all members included in conversations receiving instant notification, so you know your message has been heard. This means less waiting for replies to emails, fewer phone calls, fewer questions going unanswered; just instant contact and instant answers on all your most important decisions.
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With Convo, all your conversations are actionable. Actionable is the aim with most business conversations, but it rarely works out that way in real life. We think email is the best way to communicate, but if directions are not explicit it can hold things up - think how much time you've spent waiting for clarification on a request. This wastes time, and wasted time is expensive. Mis-communication causes friction between colleagues, but Convo eliminates this with built in Annotation. With Annotation you can instantly highlight the key points in your message, just like you would with a highlighter on paper. Being able to communicate clearly makes messages instantly actionable, and if you do need clarification, use the feedback function to quickly explain. By removing the ambiguity from business conversations, you remove confusion, wasted time, and expense most businesses can barely afford.  

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Another way businesses suffer in their productivity and communication is a lack of visibility. People can't find files which slows things down, particularly when that then sparks another chain of emails and long waits for a reply. Convo makes files more accessible by highlighting their whereabouts to everyone in the conversation, so never again will you find out the file you wanted was sent to someone else. Convo makes file sharing manageable by allowing you to divide your contacts - and your conversations - into appropriate groups. This way, you can have everyone involved in one project in one group, and everyone involved in a different project in another. Then with one click you can say what needs to be said and send what needs to be sent to all the right people at once, without worrying about accidentally copying in the wrong colleagues. Plus, if you add someone to a group they instantly have access to all the knowledge you've shared so far, allowing you to easily manage both your knowledge, your colleagues and your project.
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