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Many of the other types of project management tools that are currently available seem to be organized around the principle that discussing a project can slow it down. These tools are thus streamlined so that they tend only to tell you about the actual state of a project: who has been assigned which tasks and how they are progressing with those tasks. These tools are implicitly based on the idea that discussing the tasks, rather than simply noting how they are progressing, involves taking 'time out' from the project in a way that is unprofitable. Task lists that show the status of a project are useful, but their use is limited as discussion is often crucial to ensuring the success of a project. Sharing ideas, asking for feedback, and requesting advice, are all important aspects of making sure that a project, or a given task within a project, is completed to the highest standard. We realized that teams need a more efficient way to communicate than a simple task list, but also that they need a way to communicate that will help to speed the progress of their project up rather than slow it down. We know that poor communication can be so detrimental to working relationships and the outcome of projects, whilst on the contrary, good communication is the key to making a project truly outstanding.
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Convo is a solution to all of your email woes

Many teams working on a project tend to communicate using email, resulting in a tangle of tangential threads and a muddle of several different conversations taking place at once. Another problem with email is that attachments are often not noticed, or not opened, and files can sometimes never reach their destination thanks to server and hosting issues. Emails also make version control much more complex than it needs to be. We have created project management software that solves these problems, enabling members of a team to communicate in a timely, clear, and easy to follow way.
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Don't simply handle your tasks, useour project manager to beat all your deadlines

Other tools that help you to manage projects online tend to be limited simply to enabling you to handle tasks. Task lists, for instance, which are the main type of project managers out there at the moment, make tasks and their status visible to all team members but don't give you any help in completing those tasks more quickly or to a higher standard. Convo, on the other hand, helps you to address these important aspects of task management. This software has been specifically created to help you to meet your deadlines, or even to beat them. This is because, by facilitating a clear and focused conversation, Convo enables everyone working on a project or a task to tackle challenges that arise (often, before they arise) so as to complete all of those tasks well on time.
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