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Introduction to Convo

Get introduced to Convo and it’s features in this short summary guide.

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Getting Started Guide

Get up and running on Convo quickly with easy, step-by-step instructions.

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Convo Web Guide

Quick guide to using your Convo web and desktop apps.

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Use case: Sales

Close deals faster with real-time collaboration on a robust platform that makes sharing information quick and easy. Leverage organizational expertise and knowledge to build a successful sales organization.

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Convo Mobile Guide

Quick guide to using your Convo mobile apps.

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Use case: Marketing and Communications

Work closely with internal and external teams to drive successful projects and accomplish marketing goals by sharing ideas and having real-time, contextual discussions with visual annotation.

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Use case: Human Resources

Seamlessly communicate with employees, to help them onboard quickly, stay engaged, and motivated to drive business results.

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Case Study: Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center

Training ER doctors to save lives – through Convo!

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Case Study: Info Genius

Convo enables InfoGenius teams to move faster, efficiently.

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Convo Admin Guide

Learn how to manage your company network.

Web_ Newsfeed screenshot
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Web: Newsfeed

(Screenshot) Intuitive news feed based communication platform.

Web_ News feed likes & comments
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Web: Commenting & likes

(GIF) Ability to like and comment on posts in your news feed.

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