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Collaborate, edit, and comment on documents in real-time.

Over 10,000 companies live on Convo
Start a conversation around documents, presentations, or images from anywhere.

Make fast decisions with comments and visual markup right on your documents.

At–rest encryption and SSL encrypted 2048–bit keys. It's beyond bank–grade.

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Advanced Search
Everything posted on Convo is archived and searchable. Pull up previous conversations, updates, links and files when you need them.
Real-time news feed
View real-time activity and conversations across the company as they happen. Convo surfaces relevant updates and files in real-time to drive productivity.
Draw a box to highlight what's important in images or text to initiate focused conversation on the relevant item. When an annotation is clicked, it takes you to the exact point in the file to show you what is being talked about.
Convo chat makes conversations and collaboration easy. Say hello or keep your teammates informed over group chat and instant messaging from any device.
Additional Benefits
Project Management
Upload important work docs, @mention colleagues to bring them into the conversation and point out items that require action.
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Actionable Reporting
Make data shareable and easily digestible. Circle key findings and share with colleagues so they can also use the data.
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Collective Creative
Share and discuss design drafts with creative teams. @mention teammates at the right time without the confusion of email CCs.
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Get Up To Speed
Easily onboard teammates with quick access to previously archived team conversations along with related work docs.
Field and Office
Stay connected with our iPhone and Android apps. Weigh in on projects anywhere, anytime.
Get Approvals
Make important decisions faster. Get buy-in from key stakeholders regarding documents, strategy or expenses.
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