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We found that staying in conversation with other people working on a task is vital to ensuring that that task is completed efficiently and successful. Engaging in dialogue with workmates ensures that everyone can stay up to date on the status of the task, and can share ideas and give each other feedback in real time. Our tool for task management reflects the fact that work begins and ends with a conversation. We believe that a task management tool should be so much more than simply a way of tracking the progress of a task. Rather, this tool is much more valuable when it involves a conversation between all the people engaged on a task. And that is why we have developed our online task management tool with the aim of facilitating a deeper conversation at those crucial moments at the start and the end of the task.
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Tasks are most successful when they start with a good conversation

Even if you do have a very effective task management strategy or tool, if you do not begin your task with a thoughtful and collaborative conversation its success will inevitably be limited. Once the task is underway, it quickly develops into several smaller sub-tasks, each of which are being addressed by different people. Moreover, once everyone has begun working on a task, it rapidly balloons into a large project with many different facets. Discussing the project once it is underway is very difficult, and can even be counter productive, as it is difficult to create a balance between discussing all of the individual sub-tasks in a fragmented fashion and engaging in discussion of the project as a whole. The best time to discuss tasks is right at the beginning, before everyone has begun to work on the project as this enables everyone to share ideas and incorporate them into the way that they go about performing their individual tasks. And yet, discussing the project by email can result in a confusing and disorganized set of threads and tangential conversations. There are problems too with using a task list, as this simply tells you the status of tasks without enabling any fruitful discussion of those tasks. We have provided a much more streamlined platform for everyone to discuss a given project at the outset, enabling clear and detail feedback and attachments to be disseminated in a user friendly and systematic way.  

When it comes to completing tasks successfully, collaboration is key

Some organizations attempt to focus their task management strategies on simply assigning tasks, believing this to be a clearer and more organized way of going about things. However, simply assigning tasks tends to be an overly directive way of working, and often provides little opportunity for creativity and feedback. A collaborative conversation enables everyone who is working on a task to give each other hints and feedback, and share creative ideas in a way that ultimately helps them to complete the task to a higher standard and in a more time-efficient manner.
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