Using Convo for
Convo is the tool of choice for top tech publishers who want to get away from internal email and break stories faster than the competition.
First to Publish
In publishing, every second is critical when big news breaks. Collaborating on Convo instead of back and forth in email saves valuable time for everyone involved. For TechCrunch and The Next Web, Convo has become the workflow. Now, internal communication is tighter, decisions are made faster, and breaking stories are published at a more rapid pace with a much higher bar of quality.
Shared Knowledge
For writers, Convo has turned out to be a great solution for working on multiple stories at once, being able to shift gears into a breaking news event and then back to a longer form piece. When you're trying to beat everyone else to the punch on the latest hot story, duplicate work tends to happen. There's nothing worse than publishing two articles by two different writers, and Convo helps keep everyone in the loop so that those things don't happen. Some stories take weeks and weeks to come to fruition, so it's helpful to be able to revisit past conversations and comments from your team member, be it a quote from a source or a link to a pertinent tweet.
“Convo becomes my memory. I don’t have to recall. If we need to pull it up, we can to pull it up. It's important because if we won’t get the story if I can find what we need.”
– Matthew Panzarino, Co–editor at TechCrunch
One company. One conversation.
Publishing is a 24 hour operation. Sharing the latest updates to teams across various time zones can be challenging. Convo works to minimize informational gaps and potential blockers when working with remote teams.
“With our team spread across the world, Convo is The Next Web's office where we discuss everything. It's the glue that holds the team together.”
– Martin Bryant, Editor-in-Chief at The Next Web
Managing Freelancers
When a writer is completely isolated, there's less of a chance that they'll nail the key components of a story: headline, lede and backlinks. Convo makes the flow more open, and at the end of the day, stronger.
Teaming up on a story
Writers all over the world are building out the latest breaking stories. Convo hosts this fine–tuned collaboration every step of the way.
One person writes
Collaborate on forming a headline
Find the best featured image
Create graphs or other assets
Drop in previous stories to link to 
Review and publish
Update story with latest information
Speed and Context
Needing to start an email thread around every conversation is painfully inefficient. We couldn't agree more when Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch said ”Convo requires less cognitive load so your cycles can be focused on real work.”
Contextualized conversations set the stage for action, and Convo makes it easy to pull in any type of document or link and highlight what matters so teams can make decisions quickly.
“Convo can even be better than working together in–person. Sometimes we’re in the same room and get less work done. Convo can give you more context.”
– Matthew Panzarino, Co–editor at TechCrunch

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