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Reporting that isn’t easily digestible will most likely collect dust and go unused. Clearly communicating these insights could help other stakeholders remove friction, reduce drop off, and drive the bottom line.
Companies analyze their data and create reports to learn how people use their product, but there are times where findings are lost in shuffle. Between dispersed teams and busy schedules, having a teammate's undivided attention is rare. With Convo, your work communication is direct, powerful, and has enough context so you can skip the painful steps of needing internal emails, conference calls, or screenshares.
Convo can help.
Our three core beliefs on tackling reporting the intelligent way:
Don’t bury teammates with massive reports. Make key takeaways bite-sized by pointing them out with our annotation tool. If the data is easier to understand, it’ll be more actionable.
Mark up and assign key takeaways to specific teammates or departments with a simple @mention. Convo will notify and point them exactly to what they should see once they click through. Everything moves faster with the right context.
Setting up a weekly cadence of sharing data with the wider team breeds testing culture. Experiment, learn, improve, and repeat. There’s no silver bullet for growth. Improvements are continuous and iterative.
With teammates being informed in advance, valuable meeting time can be reserved for important decision making. Getting the meeting together is a huge task in itself. Making sure it counts is key.
Oxford Leadership Academy is on Convo
In 2012, the Oxford Leadership Academy, one of the world's top leadership consultancies, decided to connect its 215 business leaders across 28 countries on Convo.
Before Convo, delays were common practice. During meetings, time was wasted waiting for work docs to be emailed around and it was hard to know what page people were on. Version control over work documents, information gaps, and fragmented conversations were among OLA’s main knowledge management issues. 
Even though there are many stakeholders, important agreements are made immediately on Convo compared to what would normally take 3 or 4 working days to get to the same point.
- Michelle Scott, Project Manager
Convo boosts input, setting the scene for powerful and engaging meetings. There’s less recapping.
Since the OLA team is almost entirely virtual, OLA relies heavily on Convo to keep everyone and everything together. "You’re officially welcomed to OLA via Convo," they mentioned. We're very proud to be a part of OLA story and culture.
We view Convo as a partner instead of just a service provider.
- Brian Bacon, Chairman

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