Web-based project management solutions to speed up your projects

Web-based project management solutions on any device
Convo is a web project management tool that is all about enhancing the efficiency with which you progress through your projects. At the heart of this software is a streamlined messaging and notification tool that offers real-time messaging and smart notifications. These enable everyone involved in the project to have visibility to how tasks are tracking and how they might be able to help.  With Convo Annotation, feedback becomes visual and easier to understand. Highlight what’s important on images or text to have the most focused conversations over files or links. When teammates click on a comment, it’ll link to the Annotation so they’ll know precisely what you’re referencing. Feedback and decisions can be made much faster. As a result, Convo ensures that your project is not only tracked with great accuracy, but also moves forward in the minimum amount of time needed to complete.
Web-based project management solutions on your smartphone

Stay connected on multiple platforms

Convo can be used on multiple platforms so that you can always have access to your teammates, conversations, and work documents. When you stay connected in this way, whether it is via your mobile device or desktop, you can keep those feedback cycles as short as can be. Collective knowledge is constantly accessible with Convo; all conversations are archived and are easily searchable so that you can access whatever knowledge you need right away. The mobile platform for this project management software means that work, feedback, and discussion, does not need to stop when you are away from the office. The mobile site is designed to be very user friendly, and extremely fast. For example, you can instantly open a 53 page PDF using your iPhone and can begin to comment on it right away. The multiple platform format of Convo ensures that there will never be any gaps in your knowledge whilst you are working on even a very complex project involving many team members.

The important information will find you

The Convo newsfeed and organized Groups is the easiest way for teams to keep updated on projects, captured knowledge, and various sub-tasks at all times. The design of threaded conversations helps tracks the whole conversation in one place while being able to clearly understand the stream of feedback or insights shared. This is a vast improvement over the process of communicating through endless email chains. Our conversation software enables you to get real-time updates from your teammates, track the progress of both the entire project and specific tasks, and have the flexibility to effectively contribute to multiple projects happening concurrently. Unlike simple task management or persistent chat platforms, Convo focuses on helping you accomplish real goals at work.
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