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A business is only as strong as the ability of its employees to share information and talk to each other. Whether you are rolling out a new product or implementing a new website redesign, every team member should feel involved and have a way to contribute. This is what collaboration is all about - working together effectively, sharing ideas and making the whole much bigger than the sum of its parts. Unlike traditional email, the kind of collaboration made possible by tools like Convo allows organizations to pool their expertise. Instead of having everyone working in silos, apart from each other and then reporting back to managers, feedback can be delivered in real time. This makes it far easier to make the right decisions at the right time, streamlining what can be a cumbersome process.
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Go beyond email and make conversations matter

Email led to significant improvements in communication and efficiency within businesses, but nowadays is feels old and out-of-date. Everyone has experienced projects that have been delayed by ineffective email exchanges and information which became lost in-between team members. Email exchanges are more transactional, becoming less effective as a medium to exchange expertise, deep insight, or creativity. Because of these shortcomings, recent years have seen managers abandoning email and looking to new tools like chat or conference call technologies, which are more a quick fix. What is needed are collaboration tools like Convo which provide a space for ongoing, multi-tiered conversations between team members and managers. Collaboration tools also allow organizations to converse on vital documents like spreadsheets and presentations so that they can be accessed remotely when they are needed. When this is coupled with frictionless conversations, huge productivity gains can result.

Leveraging talent and company knowledge

It might be tempting to see web collaboration as a simple process of sharing documents or other files and leaving them so that they are available for colleagues to use. But it goes beyond that. Instead, collaboration should be a deeply creative process. By bringing talented individuals into dialogue and cooperation, collaborative processes make each individual much more productive and valuable. Convo is built based on true collaboration. Using tools like, Real-time Messaging, Groups, Advanced Search, and Annotation, your team is included and invited to actively contribute. With these tools, conversations become sources of power, not just transactions. Using the power of the web makes these web collaboration tools even more potent, allowing teams to spread their resources across continents while remaining closely connected. Instead of working on their own individual tasks, employees collaborating using tools like Convo will always be aware of the bigger picture - allowing them to showcase their talents and raise the productivity of the company at the same time.
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