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Enable Secure, Easy Conversations Between

Desk and Non-Desk workers.

Launched for 8,000 PTCL Employees Nation-wide to
Enhance Workforce Productivity & Engagement

First Real Time Collaboration Platform

that is Made for Retail

Launched for 15,000 H&M

employees worlwide.

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Convo Connects


Manage Geographically Dispersed Teams
Strengthen Bonding Culture
Monitor Employee Performance

Convo Managers

Office Workforce

Central Place for Having Discussions
Make Faster Decisions
Collaborate in Real Time

Convo Office Workforce

Non-Desk Workforce

Connect through Mobile App
Share Geo-Tagged Updates
Give Visual Feedback

Convo Non-Desk Workforce
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Mark Crowther

Mark Crowther

General Manager, Sixpoint

Convo is going gang busters. We're loving it. Simply thrilled with the gap it has filled in our communications.

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