Share ideas, documents, videos or anything you want

A post is how you share anything and everything on Convo. Share your thoughts and ideas, web links, images, presentations, videos, long documents and files of 60+ other formats with your team.


Get laser focused visual feedback from your team

Highlight particular words in long documents, specific parts on images or call out a clip in a video that needs tweaking and comment on them. A snippet of your selected part gets attached with your comments and helps your team know exactly what you’re talking about.

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Save time by automating everyday workflows

Use Convo EasyFlow feature to automate everyday, manual processes like applying for leaves or performance reviews. Empower every team in your organisation to set up automated Workflows with approvals for their most frequently-used, manual, time-intensive processes. EasyFlow not only reduces process turn-around time, it creates traceability and accountability from initiation to final approval / rejection.


Get a company wide activity stream

Newsfeed is your view for everything that happens on Convo. You
get to see your active feed, updates and emails from all teams
you’re a part of. You can reply directly to posts, annotate, react
and share. The newsfeed updates in real time and prioritizes your
posts based on recent activity.


Send one-to-one or group messages

Chat is a great way to get instant updates, have quick discussions and make plans for lunch. You can chat directly with one of your teammates or make a group chat with a bunch of them. There’s also gifs and emoji in there to have a little fun with.


Have organized, structured team communication

Groups are a great way to manage your team communication. You can choose who has access to the groups, you create and filter newsfeed based on these groups. This makes it easy for everyone to have team specific as well as company wide information sharing and discussions.


Make Faster Decisions with Image and Text Polls on Convo

Gather user opinion, improve employee engagement and get to decisions faster with easy and effective polls.


Collaborate through remote engagement

Convo’s chat experience combines instant messaging with audio and video calling. Working from home? Or with a remote team? Make the most out of it from anywhere, at any time.


Gather and act upon data based insights of your organization & teams.

Being a complete workplace solution, Convo collects your organizations key metrics and helps monitor team performance, activity & throughput. Dedicated analytics dashboards in Convo help enterprise customers analyze trends & engagement factors within the organization and help keep teams focused and goal oriented.


Compliance made easy with post acknowledgements

Get your message across loud and clear with post acknowledgement receipts on information shared in public or private groups.


Data encryption in transit and at-rest

Work faster and without fear. Convo’s at-rest data encryption ensures your data is secure during transit to and from the Convo cloud as well as while its stored.


View & manage geographically displaced teams

With Convo locate, you can now keep track of your on-site or off desk workforce. Teams can now be geographically aware of their peers for a better on-the-go collaboration. Once consent is provided, teams can track members and perform better while on the move.


Access past information easily, within seconds

Convo’s deep search capability makes finding the right information a piece of cake, even if it was shared years ago. Whether its a word inside a long file, or a message buried deep in chat, the search filters can be used in combinations to find what you want as quickly as possible.


Get all your apps in one place

Convo integrates with 700+ apps seamlessly, to allow you to have a rich collaboration experience without ever leaving your home view. You can get updates from the other apps to appear in your newsfeed, or create a dedicated group for them. Get everything you need to work in one place, no more juggling between dozens of apps