convo for banking


Improve regulatory compliance within transit and at-rest data encryption, transform the user experience, and maximize online interactivity. In addition to representing a dynamic digital platform that breaks down departmental silos, Convo improves information flow across departments and enhances service delivery in the financial space. Enable quick processing times for customer onboarding, account opening, loan request approvals, and mortgage servicing with real-time access to important documents. Communicate seamlessly with teams to keep track of their progress, enhance cross-team communications, share immediate feedback, and accelerate customer responsiveness.

convo for creatives


Collaboration can be difficult when creatives work directly with sales teams, customers, or prospects. Convo addresses these day-to-day challenges with easy features that enable teams to streamline brainstorming, solve problems, and make quick decisions. Stay on top of projects and meet deadlines with real-time feedback and editing. With integration for social apps including Twitter, managers can set up approval workflows, check updates before scheduling or posting, and use planning tools for marketing and product development. Upload large files in posts and provide curated feedback on videos and graphics so that teams can get things done without any hassle.

convo for education


Unanswered phone calls, back and forth emails, stressful homeschooling, and parent-teacher conferences are not pleasant or productive activities in today’s digital world. Convo offers instant communication with a one-to-one and group messaging system, and audio/video calling features that promote easy learning irrespective of location. Keep parents in the loop with meaningful interactions and constructive feedback on student progress. Streamline collaboration between teachers, administrators, and support staff. Convo enables staff to integrate analytics for individual use cases and help every student stay focused on their learning goals.

convo for healthcare


Convo transforms the healthcare service delivery experience with compliant messaging, audio/video calling, and data encryption. Leverage dynamic features and capabilities in different use cases including real-time, mission-critical, and live-saving scenarios. Use deep search with intelligent filters to find the correct information quickly. Reduce the clutter and instantly discuss what's important to provide quality care anywhere, anytime. Use deep-search with intelligent search filters to find the correct information quickly. Allow for rapid specialized consultancy, confidential chats, and follow-ups with patients and their families remotely. Convo balances convenience, compliance, and practicality to deliver the greatest care experience.

convo for media


Integrate and secure all your work in one place with tasks, goal-setting, dashboards, documents, chats, audio/video calling, and more. Convo is more than just a productivity and efficiency app. No matter where work takes professionals, a centralized communication platform enables international coordination, updates, and accessibility on Android and iOS devices or via a web browser. Never miss the latest news, events, and stories, update teams, and share images, videos, or documents in multiple formats conveniently.

convo for retail


Implement a smart and reliable approach to retail with Convo. Connect directly with associates, digitize processes, and streamline task management activities. Share to-dos, checklists, display guidelines, and inventory data through integrated, workflow management tools. Keep staff updated about their roles and store locations, increase or revise product knowledge, and manage different shifts with uninterrupted communications. Engage directly with front-desk employees and train them to manage customers, recruit new talent, and do more in an intuitive platform.

convo for insurance


Whether it is claims or distribution, recruiting, billing, international notifications, and customer support, Convo represents the choice of communication and collaboration app in insurance. Image messaging enables users to text pictures of VIN numbers, declaration pages, and claims damage. Convenient and immediate file sharing, group messaging, project tracking, and deep, integrated search capabilities enhance work quality. Utilize admin controls, authentication, and user permissions to enhance security. Eliminate the margin of error when managing customer accounts, and prevent clutter through organized chats and workflows.

convo for governments


Convo is the trusted platform for government and law enforcement agencies to connect with teams. Give staff the features they need to respond to emergencies and address concerns at any level. Avoid problems down the line by having archived messages ready for sharing anytime. Share images, videos, or documents easily for proactive crisis control and management. Keep work safe with best-of-breed admin control features and user controls. Eliminate distractions and keep productivity on point with an easy-to-navigate app. Offer top public administrations support with comments, annotations, workflow management, newsfeed, polls, and other features.

convo for pharmaceuticals


Chat, groups, audio, and video calls based on usage and heuristics for customized cases are included in Convo for the pharmaceutical sector. Data sources and encryption, deep search with filters, and daily update options save time while ensuring that experts always have convenient access to the latest scientific materials. No more juggling between different apps that can cause confusion or misplace crucial customer data. Communicate prescription drugs, dosage amounts, and other information to users in real-time, and get more done with less.