Convo uses the latest technology and the industry best practices for data encryption of sensitive customer data. All the data and files are encrypted, in transit to and from the Convo cloud, as well as while stored within Convo. Convo offers enterprise bank grade security.


Even in the unlikely case that a server or hard drive is compromised, because of this added layer of security, intruders would only be able to see undecipherable messages that are garbled and unreadable.


Encryption in transit is SSL encrypted with 4096 bit RSA keys Encryption at rest with high–grade 256–bit AES Uninterruptible power and backup systems, plus fire and flood prevention at storage sites Convo employs multiple data centers to host customer data. All data centers employ physical security, strict access policies and secure vaults and cages.

Convo implements a thorough security program based on isolating operations of both internal and external stakeholders ensuring that we secure our SaaS environment and our Customer data at every point.

Convo has successfully addressed the compliance requirement of many of our Enterprise customers in the banking (PCI-DSS), healthcare (HIPAA) and other organisations ensuring that we address the core concerns around architectural and operational levels to keep their data safe.

Security is further enhanced by introducing Separation/Segregation of Duty (SoD) within our operational teams aiming to prevent any single team or member from having too much control over our environment.