Power-Search Reports & Policies

Effective Communication

Unify The Scattered Workforce

Prove Quality Service To Customers

Your customers are the backbone of your business. Eliminate client annoyance by mitigating approaches from multiple sales agents through efficient collaboration on Convo.

Manage All Records Smoothly

No more worrying about client interactions and records. Maintain all customer history securely on the app, including client health files for life insurance.

Archived Company Policies

Convo serves as a repository for all company policies and is available to the entire company for internal collaboration.

Feel The Power Of Being One

Communicate and monitor targets to regional sales teams. Celebrate all your achievements on the app and encourage everyone to perform at their best.

Introduce New Policies Via Polls

Create polls to get employee feedback and create new HR policies or guidelines based on popular opinion. Convo keeps everyone happy, informed, and productive!

Spend Less, Achieve More

Collaboration on legal and commercial documents with Convo saves 20% of your time that you can invest in other business areas.