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Web Application

We design intuitive products for Multinationaltionals and SMBs that boost productivity in business operations. We believe in clean and simple solutions that become the key to eradicate major pain points affecting the organisation on a day-to-day basis in a work-from-home or work-from-office lifestyle. By migrating your business processes into highly efficient web apps or workflows; we facilitate in streamlining daily work operations, help maintaining lifecycles of collaboration and workflows, and aid increasing user productivity.


Every application now has an access route through mobile to allow users to transfer information and perform actions on the go to increase customer base. We provide convenient and secure access from the phone, be it iOS or Android, to dispense clutter-free content to users that can be customised by themselves. The design methodology is similar to the web application in terms of user experience, just compact and easy to reach with a thumb.


The current environmental crisis calls for information technology to save the world from paper waste. The power of SaaS allows access to confidential information without any loss of data and opens the door to electronic record keeping for all kinds of processes including sharing content with multimedia and even grading tests. Not only does EdTech streamlines and tracks all actions and processes for students and teachers without geographical boundaries; but with our intuitive solutions, adaptability is quick with noticeable results in operational efficiency.


Our applications are hosted on the cloud which makes information securely available to endless users of choice over the internet. Our SaaS design keeps the user in the main focus and resonates with users across every touchpoint. It unlocks the true value of your digital solution by flexibly scaling itself to match the dynamic changes in the requirements of the industry. The user experience of our SaaS applications address this century's need of accessing the same information on different devices in a secure manner; safeguarding against churn rates and increasing monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Real Estate

Even the most tangible industry needs a little push from an information system counterpart to streamline processes and operations. Not only that, hi-tech smart control homes have become a new way forward for innovative living solutions with the rise of Wi-Fi usage. Especially for a work-from-home lifestyle, a new home with an inbuilt Wi-Fi isn't a luxury but a necessity. We provide design and development for these creative solutions that give the new hi-tech workforce the ability to manage and control smart devices for locks, door bells, thermostats, CO detectors, plugs, & power & water usage.

Communication & Collaboration

We believe that most of the problems can be solved by technology only if the solution is designed considering the adaptability of the user. Satisfaction of the user is the most important deciding factor for every solution that we have ever derived, developed, and deployed. Convo suggests enterprise-level collaboration solutions to organizations that provide the users with real-time access and exchange of confidential information related to their work or tasks. The solutions provided empower employees to share information freely and have quick discussions using social media features that they are more accustomed to use in their day-to-day lives such as posts, comments, likes, chats, mentions and hashtags.

a Small sample of our
latest projects

Zip homes

Build your home just by clicking on the screen! Beautifully crafted, sustainable, & smart homes customised for your needs at the hottest locations of your choice. Just select your location, available square area, and then experience the magic of design and 3D technology. This innovative construction tech helps build your home with precision crafted building blocks that are manufactured and assembled by Zip Home’s team. With Zip Home, gone are the times when construction was a hassle.


Zoovu provides businesses with the most customer centric product search for various industries and manufacturers. Imagine a B2B or B2C shopping experience of just answering a few questions regarding what you are looking for and viewing the product choices accordingly. This intricate system is beautifully designed by us to maintain a smooth user experience and deliver the full product functionality handling its complex data structure and advanced design options.


Testing and Evaluation Platform is a student-friendly testing and learning application for educational institutions. It allows institutes to conduct and manage multiple examinations in various geographical locations simultaneously with its flexible examination centre management and exam session scheduling. Potential candidates can even enrol directly from the application, study the learning material, solve the practice tests provided, and view grades obtained.

Insure 123

Insurance brokers help insurance businesses get the revenue they target to have and what’s a better way to attract audience than a website linking to all available insurance services in town. We helped Insure123 revamp their entire website to attract users just because it’s easy to use. Now anyone can simply find the kind of insurance they are looking for just by entering details and waiting for Insure123 to contact you with the service that would serve you the best.

Stem School

Our EdTech clients require solutions for various processes other than sharing educational material and managing examinations. With SOAR, we have built workflows to define undergoing processes through out the campus related to evaluations for teachers, admin staff, and even clerical staff to increase efficiency of campus operations and reduce mismanagement. We enable our clients to be competent enough to forge the path to reach their desired goals with our support. Implementing our Web & Mobile apps, and SaaS solutions for STEM education commissions SOAR to retain and capture more students resulting in high ROI.


Health being the closest to our human existence, the IT industry has begun making great breakthroughs to serve everyone with a very basic need – healthcare. Using our services, BeMe mobile app does the same for teens with issues pertaining to their mental health. It works like any social media app to attract teens easily and provides a care coach to handhold their journey to recovery by using chat and sharing helpful content. This gives direction to people who really need it for personal betterment and helps shape a better future for all.