Communication within teams is one of the most basic foundations for the key to success. However, the standard of work is changing and it’s not simply about improving productivity, but how well a company can enable their employees and teams to adapt to situations and circumstances. Imagine if you had to walk in for a work presentation, and your team calls you to confirm some important numbers in the powerpoint. Yet you only have your mobile on hand and realize that you have to shuffle through several reports, which are scattered across different platforms, with only 10 minutes left on the clock. You waste so much time trying to find one specific page in your mountain of resources that you lose precious time, leaving you two choices: walk in late or give the presentation, questioning the validity of the numbers you just presented.

Searching for documents across a myriad of different platforms, whether looking on the company’s server, Google Drive, DropBox, laptop, etc., can be a real drain on one’s time, reducing efficiency and often creating a feedback bottleneck. Ideally, having all work-related information in one single platform would enable an individual to focus on the quality of their work rather than wasting valuable time searching and gathering the right documents and pieces of data. Work should be easier. At Convo, we give your business an easy platform to collaborate and share information all in one place.
Turn boring team meetings into fun visual discussions
Picture this familiar scenario: your work is being shared among your team while you wait for approval. This waiting period often seems like one’s work drafts fell into a black hole. Now, envision having all feedback given to you at ONE place. Convo allows you to do JUST that.
Using Convo’s real-time collaboration features, you can not only create content but also add attachments to turn your team meeting into a highly-interactive feedback mechanism. You can even inject some fun by using some of Convo’s entertaining features that are also available in the commenting system. Attachments within your posts enable your team to visualize your idea in real-time. Convo’s platform supports a broad range of content from documents you have to finalize, a presentation you want to share, a graphic design you need feedback on, or even video projects you have in development. All you have to do is click on the attachment icon and select the files you want to upload or simply drag and drop them on the post. You can also directly import files from Dropbox or Box to your posts.
Now, rather than plodding through another project review meeting with your team, using Convo, your team has a new level of flexibility previously unavailable. You can receive each team member’s feedback faster and more efficiently via their edits, comments or annotations to your work. Providing their collective knowledge on different aspects of your project, enables the entire team to work together virtually yet still create the best possible outcome. It’s a win-win, because the level of efficiency for all involved is maximized so the project can proceed to its conclusion.
Reduce the back and forth on document collaboration
Convo has a revolutionary feature called annotations. Convo’s annotations enable employees and teams to do a range of things: markup files, provide instant feedback and have conversations over files and documents as if you’re in the same room as your entire team or customers without ever losing context. You can have highly productive, effortless conversations with your team in no time at all.
Imagine having a mockup shared with you for feedback. Rather than sending this same document back and forth via email or say Google docs among your team, you can simply post the draft on Convo, and everyone can see the collective feedback and chime in as needed.
The annotation feature allows you to pinpoint the areas that need work and will take you exactly to the location on the document that need to be revisited and fixed. All you have to do is click the annotation snippet and it takes you to the exact spot. This way, all members of the team can get an overview of changes, mistakes, and adaptations being made to the mockups in real-time while providing their feedback as well. Everyone now knows exactly what is being talked about and can mark their approval accordingly.
Bring everything related to a project in one place 
Convo not only reduces your burden of email for internal collaboration but integrates external communication as well. The outside world of your email and all projects are brought together in one unit using a feature called integrations.
Convo integrates with over 400 widely used apps like Gmail, Box, DropBox, Salesforce, Twitter, etc. By linking these apps, you get all your communication and information in one place on your newsfeed. Imagine never having to pop in and out of multiple applications, endlessly searching for one document attachment that was emailed, one stored in Google drive, the other in shared as a DropBox link, etc.
And the most important thing that makes Convo the ideal choice for teams is that it offers the same collaboration features on Web, Desktop and Mobile devices. If your team is not on Convo yet, it’s time to bring them aboard and begin to inspire them.