Organizations with team comprised largely of non-desk workers have a special set of challenges. For starters, the management must foster a a corporate culture aimed at maintaining a highly motivated workforce. If employees feel that companies are not keeping them informed about what’s happening, their morale drops, affecting their performance.  
According to an ongoing Gallup study, disengaged employee costs you 34% of their salary because of lost productivity, missed shifts, chronic tardiness, and disrupting others by spreading negativity throughout the company. Left unaddressed, unengaged employees also negatively impact the customer experience and erode the brand’s sales, loyalty, and profitability.
With today’s workforce increasingly dispersed, it’s critical that employees are equipped with efficient communication and collaboration tools.These tools must support fast, continuous updates, answers, and employee feedback between and among teams, departments, regions and throughout the company. However, the tools should also improve the employee experience, delivering the workforce a sense of teamwork, camaraderie and even pride.
Convo is a tool specialized in helping companies with non-desk employees stay connected and work easily from wherever they are.
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Rise Of The Non-Desk WorkForce & Need For Simple, Effective Collaboration Tools
According to a recent study, 75% of today’s workforce is made up of non-desk workers. These are the people who work on the store floor, in warehouses,  the field, or on the go. A non-desk workforce serves as a company’s  frontline brand ambassadors, so it is pivotal that they are motivated and inspired to deliver the best customer experience possible.
Despite the availability of numerous collaboration platforms and communication tools, there is still a huge communication gap between traditional desk-based workers and frontline workers. A number of challenges that have a direct effect on company productivity and revenue. A collaboration platform designed to connect the non-desk workforce and enable easy, secure conversations between desk and non-desk workers. This accelerates company productivity and employee engagement.
Promoting Cultural Affinity Among A Non-Desk Workforce
85% of non-desk workers have complain about management’s. Poor communication tools prevent management and employees from being better informed so they can improve their job performance. This disconnection alienates employees and keeps them from embracing the company’s values and culture. When employees become less engaged, productivity gaps begin to surface.
Employee engagement within a company is crucial to successfully accomplish long term goals. Fostering a social connection is key to creating engaged employees. Convo allows you to do just that. It combines the ease of social networks with rich collaboration capabilities to simplify and optimize work interactions for all employees — no email required.
It gives the same look and feel as social networks and offers employees a simple way, regardless of location or device – to stay connected with peers, get answers immediately, share inspiring stories and work efficiently.
Engaged Employees = Satisfied Customers = Increased Revenue  
Perception is crucial when it comes to a company’s success. In any industry, whether that be retail, healthcare, technology etc., the one thing that always differentiates companies is the way their customer is made to feel. Better customer experiences improve revenue and the bottom line. When a customer’s experience is good, they give repeat business which helps cement customer loyalty.
The connection between the consumer and the company always lies in the hands of the employees. According to a recent study, highly engaged businesses see a 20% increase in sales.
Convo helps bridge the gap between companies and employees. It promoting the feeling of being one by sharing achievements with peers, using polls to gather popular user opinion, and making sure that everyone is heard. and offering social media like information sharing where people can contribute their ideas.
Streamline Team Communications
Convo works in sync across all devices on Android, iOS, Web, Mac and Desktop app and helps companies engage, empower and motivate employees by providing easy access to company information and offering real-time contextual collaboration.
We invite you to get started on Convo today so you can test out and experience improved productivity and engagement throughout your team.