August 12, 2020

Convo Locate – Locate Non-Desk Workers with a Tap

Imagine being a food delivery business owner who has sent out their rider to deliver several orders. One of your client calls asking for an ETA but the rider just won’t pick up! Not only would it be frustrating, but also worrying regarding the rider’s safety. What if you could locate him instantly instead of risking his safety by attending your call while riding his bike?

During the pandemic, the offices are dead and have been replaced with telecommuting, but what about non-desk workers? Managing non-desk workers and tracking their performance has always been a tricky job which has now become a challenge for managers. Convo arises as a sigh of relief for managers with subordinates situated in multiple locations.




To aid real-time connectivity, Convo introduces Convo Locate

Convo Locate is an intuitive feature designed specially to manage on-site, field employees! To utilize this feature, the group admin will enable Convo Locate feature in group settings. Enabling this will let members of the group view others’ location when the member consents to location-sharing. A consenting member’s location can be seen/tracked by clicking on their location pin on the map in group feed view. The card view will also display the member’s status – active, inactive or on-the-move. Monitor employee performance, increase customer satisfaction and aid team bonding!




Work on-the-go made efficient and secure!

Convo Locate is an especially lucrative feature for managing geographically dispersed teams like those of door-to-door sales, large-scale events, and on-field workers. For instance, if you are a credit card distributor who has multiple deliveries to do in the morning, you can now ensure that your employee has delivered each credit card in his route for the day through Convo’s live geo-location feature! Use this feature on-the-go and assure a consistent workflow by ensuring your workers’ productivity and safety!

If you are a manager looking for ways to keep your team engaged and accomplish daily tasks, Convo Locate is a powerful feature to align and track tasks, effortlessly. Convo Locate can be benefitted across all platforms including iOS and Android at the comfort of all your devices.

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