With the rise of remote working globally, it’s worth asking the question – how can employers and employees grab the hidden opportunities and unleash their potentials while working remotely?
Freedom to work anywhere, anytime and working in pyjamas may sound like a dream to most employees around the world, but is there more to working from home?
No doubt, all that glitters is not gold – for an employee, not everything is positive about working remotely. With the undefined office hours, employees may face difficulty in differentiating between their professional and personal time or unplugging from work. Distractions at home, lack of motivation, loneliness and unreliable Wi-Fi connection may further pile up on their challenges.
But every cloud has a silver lining. There are far more benefits that employees may gain while the world embraces the new normal of working from anywhere. Who wouldn’t agree that flexible schedules, opportunity to spend more time with family and the ability to work from any location are few of the greatest benefits of work from home?
Every remote worker’s essential expenditure is changing for the good! Previously, almost half of the monthly income was spent on these expenses. Now that most people are working remotely, these employees can boost their monthly savings as they don’t have to spend on daily transport, work clothes or work lunches. Improving your existing talent and diversifying current income is possible for everyone. Learning new skills along with being introduced to advanced yet simple and fun-to-use tools to collaborate and communicate is the cherry on the top!
As many countries were locked-downed in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic and offices all around the world began to implement remote work policy, not all employers were confident about this decision. Be it lack of understanding the advantages of flexible working, technological requirements or data security and privacy, employers showed resistance while implementing the policy. However, research revealed that employers can save enormous through cost savings associated with work from home. Who wouldn’t find saving money attractive, especially during these testing times?
Working in an office comes with a cost – the seat cost which arises from electricity bills, office rent, maintenance and the list goes on. Before the pandemic arose, most employers believed this cost was crucial for the existence of their business and output could only be achieved within an office environment and team constantly supervised by managers. Covid-19 became a reality check and shattered these mental blocks as work from home was adopted globally. Today, every employer has the opportunity to reduce seat costs and implement permanent work from home while outputs won’t be affected.
While remote work reshapes our future, the cost saving opportunities for employers are endless. From virtual meetings to using less real estate as workers work remotely, employers can seize multiple opportunities to reduce costs and boost their profits. Even after this pandemic ends, would you like to pay office rent knowing work from home can actually work, and micromanagement is unnecessary in this age? It’s time employers focus on exploring full potential of remote work, reducing irrelevant office space costs and investing in software platforms and cloud-base services to gear up for the post-Covid-19 world economy.
Be it employers or employees, one can re-allocate spending and boost up savings even during these trying times. The opportunities are waiting to be taken or left amid the crisis. Will you grab them?