Newsfeed on Convo serves as a centralized medium for getting network wide updates and interacting with them from the same place. It is the home view for every user which allows them to skim through the content shared with them, in groups they’re a part of and posts they are commenting on.
The posts which appear on the newsfeed are customizable. Users can hide posts from specific groups from showing up on their newsfeed. This ensures that the feed is not cluttered and users can always focus on the important stuff.

Introducing Feed Sorting

Currently the newsfeed on Convo auto organizes itself based on the recent activity on posts, regardless of when the post was created. This helps bring the most active posts on top and keeps them in the user’s view.

However, this leaves the lesser active posts or the relatively new ones below the active ones. To cater for this, Convo has now released sorting on feed. This will allow you to sort the feed based on the post creation date as well as the recent activity on posts.
Sorting your feed on Convo is made super simple for your ease. Never miss anything important again. Just click on the drop down at the top of your feed and select the option you want to sort your feed with and you’re good to go.

Feed Toggle Web
On mobile, tapping on Convo on feed view or group name on Group view will show two options – Latest Activity and Latest Post. By default, Latest Activity is enabled, however you can switch to Latest Post which sorts the feed by latest post in all views.

More Filters, More freedom

Let us know how you like these feed sorting options and what more sort options would you want for your feed. We look forward to your feedback.
If you’re not on Convo yet, hop on for free today and see how it fits your business needs. Got questions? Feel free to contact us at