Feedback is important for teams to run successfully. This feedback can be from upper management, team leads or from your colleagues. Currently, Convo delivers crisp and clear feedback in the form of annotated comments and context aware threads. This helps with removing feedback bottlenecks and offers an easy way to everyone to understand what they must do.
However, some decisions need to be made quickly. For example, whether to take up a certain project, If the management should finalize Design A or Design B, or even casual decisions such as where to plan dinner, etc. This kind of decision making which requires the majority of team on board is best done through polls.

Fast Decision-Making

Convo now introduces polls with its new update. Polls are an effective way to gather user opinions and facilitate the decision-making process. Whether it’s an important meeting to schedule, choosing the best design for an upcoming merchandise or deciding what to have for lunch, polls are your go-to choice.
To create a poll, simply click on the post editor and click the poll icon in the toolbar. This will ask you about the kind of poll you want to create.

Create Poll

After deciding what type of poll you want to create, simply add the poll question in the title, the ending date and options for the question and click share.

Text Polls

The number of votes given to each option will be displayed by hovering over the options. You will also be able to decide if you want to allow other members to see the poll results. Polls give insights into what your team actually is inclined towards and help you understand their mindset better as well as reach decisions faster.

Image Polls

The Power Of Polls & More

On Convo, polls are being released in a beta version. And, for now, are completely free. This is done so you all can use them and help us improve them overtime. Go ahead and try creating a poll today to see how it works. If you can’t think of a question, just ask if everyone would like to have doughnuts at lunch (can never go wrong with doughnuts).
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