At some point in our lives, we have all worked with project managers. Some of us have even been in that position and some still are. And for anyone who has seen it up close, the reality is obvious. Project management is no easy business. Calling the shots is not all it is about. You need to make sure everything is organized, there’s accountability for people who aren’t giving their 100%, everyone is on the right track and everyone understands the feedback clearly.
You also need to have complete visibility of what everyone is up to, and most importantly, you need to be able to follow up with multiple people at the same time.
All of this is a hassle if you are not equipped with the proper tools. Missed deadlines are every project manager’s nightmare and it is impossible to avoid them if you don’t have the right way of communicating with your team.

Why Work Collaboration is Key for Project Managers

Collaborating effectively is imperative for a project to succeed and the responsibility of ensuring effective work collaboration falls on the project manager.
A project manager needs to be updated about what’s happening on a project at all times- from the office and on the go. Keeping track of a team that is distributed over offices, time zones and on top of it all several different communication tools is close to impossible.
And if a project manager isn’t aware of what’s going on in the project, the team doesn’t know what to do, the tasks aren’t completed on time and the project is bound to fail. This is exactly why project managers need a go-to work collaboration tool, that not only helps them stay connected with their teams, but also eliminates the need for any other tool regardless the project size.

Simplify Project Management with Convo

Convo comes loaded with a bunch of easy to use features which make communication with your team fast and effective. It streamlines your team activity and offers a rich work collaboration experience form the office and on the go.
Here’s 3 quick ways how project managers can make the most of Convo.

Dedicated Groups for Projects

If you’re working on several projects at the same time, or working on a large project with a bunch of teams- groups are your holy grail. Groups allow you to have a dedicated space for having project or team specific discussions, sharing information and keeping things neatly organized in one place.
Whether you’re working with designs, videos, images, long documents or just having group discussions- groups have got your back.


Everything you share in a group is easily searchable. It helps you make sure nothing is ever lost, creates clear accountability for all members of a group, and keeps everyone including the managers in the loop for everything that’s going on- without the need for individual follow-ups.

One News feed for All Activity

Having a separate group for everything sounds good for organization, until you realize that you’ll have to remember how many groups you create and then individually open them to get updates.
Makes you feel like you’re back where you started. Crazy right? But here’s how Convo makes sure that never happens. The news feed is your home view and keeps you on top of whatever is happening in different groups you’re a part of. Activity from all groups created on your network is shown here and it updates in real time.


So for example you’re managing 5 different teams and there’s ongoing discussions in each, all you need to stay updated is to check your news feed. You can respond directly to comments and even create new posts from your news feed in any group you want. It’s really that simple.

Bring All Apps in One Place

All the above scenarios seem perfect if you’re working on information that is shared on the Convo network. But what about the information that is still inevitably shared on other mediums?
It could be a client sending you changed requirements on email, or users sending out support queries etc. All of this can be brought on to your Convo network using custom integrations.


Convo integrates with 700+ applications including but not limited to email clients and helps you get real time updates from all apps in one place. This is a great way for project managers to have one view of everything that happens, on and off Convo.

Get it So You Don’t Regret it

If you’re a struggling project manager or you know anyone who is, Convo is the solution to end that struggle. Try it out for free today and feel the instant difference in your team’s productivity.
If you want to know what other cool stuff you can do with Convo, hop on here and have a quick look or request a free demo to see how you can use it.