Remote teams are increasing, businesses are going international and there is no time for people to use old conventional ways of working. While there are many collaboration apps out in the market, with very major players in the ring too- none of them have been able to crack the code quite right yet.
For people working on the go, keeping everything accessible is not an easy task. People end up spending more time getting to the right information than getting the required work done.

Just Sharing is Not Enough

For a team of five people, sharing information back and forth is easy. But, when the team size increases, so does the content you share, and the back and forth cycles on it. This means for a team of 10 people collaborating on a single document, with each member giving feedback twice a day- there will be at least 20 versions of the same document before it reaches the final version.
Still sounds do-able?
Now picture the above scenario with a team of double the size, and if you dare to expand your imagination, add a couple of remotely working team members in it as well. What happens is- information is lost, feedback is fuzzy, deadlines are missed and there is complete chaos.
Working with files whether you’re in the office or working on the go is hard when you have to juggle between several apps. With the pace at which teams are working these days, there is no time for these situations to take place.
People need a tool that helps them create, manage, share and reiterate on information in the same place- and does it fast at the same time.

Neither are Chat Apps

When email failed to keep up with the speed of communication in today’s working environment, people took all their hopes and put them in chat apps. Work chat apps were all fun and productive until the same problems reproduced.
Getting things done instantly on chat worked only when the teams were small and work was limited. With increasing team sizes, focusing on one chat for five minutes meant completely losing track of what was happening in other chats.
People spent more time filtering through thousands of chat messages being shared in different chat windows than they did on actually getting the job done.

In-Context Work Collaboration Sweeps in to Rescue

Nowadays, for a company to become successful, its need for in-context collaboration is as undeniable as a plant’s need for sunlight to grow. Feels like a bit of an overstatement? We think not.
People don’t just need a tool that helps them get the job done eventually- they need a tool that helps them get the job done at super speed. This is where Convo comes in.
While it helps you store everything in one place, stay connected and makes things easier, that’s not all it does. The best thing that Convo has to offer, is its power to make things consumable for you- even if you drop in on a conversation after hours, days or years.

Annotations, Markup and Threaded Conversations

Simpler, more flexible sharing helps you become context aware and get to decisions faster. In Convo, this is achieved using annotations, markup and threaded comments. Everything you share on a Convo network is linkable and can be referenced to within the network.
Here’s a breakdown of how these features compliment each other in Convo to provide you with a coherent view of all shared information:

1. Information Sharing

Information sharing is extremely simple. You can use the built in note editor to create a post. A post can contain files of all formats like text, docs, images, videos etc. Everything that is shared in a post is viewable by the allowed audience. The audience can be people of a certain group, specific people or company wide based on your discretion.


2. Feedback and Threaded Comments

You can add your feedback on the information shared within the post via comments. Comments provide you a way to interact with your teammates in an efficient and transparent manner. Other team members can respond to your comments and add their two cents. All responses to a comment are shown in the form of a thread.
For example, you’re tagged in a comment while you’re away and you come back hours or days later to it- you will instantly be able to tell what it is that your teammates are talking about, without having to go through the rest of the comments on the post.
This makes it easy for you to always get back to the things that need your attention, without wasting any time on the things that are irrelevant.

3. Clear and Context Aware Discussions

Becoming context aware helps to make deep discussions around work more simple and consumable.With support of 60+ file formats, markup and annotations offer you a unique ability to collaborate on content at a faster speed than any other app in the market.
Anything and everything that is shared in Convo can be annotated. Imagine you are working on a 100 page long PDF and you want to add your feedback somewhere on page 30, 50 or even page 99. Writing this in long textual comments is not only confusing but also tiring.


In Convo, this tough task has a simpler fix. Just highlight the part you want to give feedback on and comment on it. This will attach a snippet of the highlighted part to your comment. For anyone who clicks on the snippet, they will be taken to the exact page and pointed to the exact part of the PDF you are talking about.

This is a simple yet effective way of communicating exactly what you’re talking about to your team- whether you’re in the same room or working remotely. This can be done on texts, images and even videos.

Get Things Done Right the First Time

Detailed discussions can happen in Convo without ever going off topic. This helps you always be on top of everything that’s happening, makes feedback cycles easier to understand and allows you to get things done faster.
Are you still juggling between apps and playing hide and seek with important information? Switch your team over to Convo, and give your team the context aware work collaboration tool it deserves.