Convo is thrilled to announce that H&M, the fast-fashion, global retail leader, has deployed our new mobile-first, retail social collaboration platform! With more than 15,000 employees across the United States, H&M is using Convo to connect and keep its employees in the loop across 500+ stores throughout the country.
Convo brings consumer tools to the enterprise, enabling fast, flexible and secure communications and collaboration throughout the organization, helping everyone perform at their best.
Using Convo, H&M enables its desk and non-desk workers to stay continuously informed. Enabling effective, two-way communication and collaboration is critical in retail environments, where store associates are largely young workers who grew up on social media, operate on instant information, and rely on their mobile phones. They expect employers to provide them with tools that they know how to use to stay up-to-date, share information and engage with co-workers regardless of location, department, or region.

Using Convo, H&M can continue its commitment to enhancing the customer experience and maintaining a strong brand affinity with employees. Employee experience is critical for retailers to create engaged and inspired frontline brand ambassadors that can deliver the best customer experience possible.
Research shows empowered, engaged employees are more loyal, and deliver better customer service, which in turn boosts customer experience, loyalty and sales. According to Quantum Workplace, organizations with engaged employees have, on average, 24% lower turnover, a 20% increase in sales and 10% higher customer metrics.
Concurrent with announcing H&M as a major global retail customer, Convo, also formally unveiled and announced general availability of the first enterprise social collaboration platform designed specifically for retail. Convo’s Retail Social Collaboration platform takes the form of a social feed that enables desk and non-desk employees to communicate and collaborate securely in real-time. This is possible without them having to use corporate email. By simplifying group-based communication across departments, stores and regions, Convo unifies the workforce, empowering employees to become the retailer’s best customer facing advocates.