Today, team communication and collaboration software are on the rise. Companies are looking to manage their to-dos, share files, exchange messages, and host video conferences, not to mention get more done in less time. If you explore the market, there are many workflow management tools that automate business processes and streamline tasks from A-Z. What about team chat apps that have been around for years? Although they are not the latest innovation, most come with complex pricing plans or have not been upgraded with sophisticated features. 

This is where Convo stays ahead of the game, as we shall see next.

The Solution

Convo recently introduced the much-anticipated Voice Notes to its existing portfolio of group posts, channels, direct messaging, and file sharing. It has already been rolled out in our release, and we want you to experience what it’s like to send personalized voice notes instead of long, time-consuming text messages. This is especially the case when typing or texting is not possible in specific situations, and you need a go-to option with less hassle. 

voice notes feature

Voice messages represent an easy and stress-free way for teams to collaborate remotely, in the office, or from home on shared projects. Whether the purpose is to communicate ideas, explain something, learn, check on progress, provide feedback, or give context to a conversation, Convo audio recordings help say it all. This feature not only streamlines your communication and collaboration process but also saves time that you can invest in other business areas.

Our latest feature updates promise the following benefits:

Seamless Communication with Voice Notes

When you and your teams are not interacting in person, your focus would be on emphasizing your point and communicating it as clearly as possible. With multiple responsibilities to handle, why would you risk misunderstandings or missed deadlines because of someone not receiving a message, or an app failing to deliver it? The consequences can be severe, ranging from poor work relationships to a lack of business growth, sales, and revenue.

Convo primarily introduced Voice Notes to address these pain points. It is one of the few collaboration tools that offer this feature on scale globally. With Voice Notes, you can share ideas, express your opinions, and give feedback. During the entire process, not even a single word gets lost in translation, meaning your recipients understand your audio messages from beginning to end. Why should this matter to you?

Imagine yourself as a busy executive in a meeting, and one of your associates contacts you asking for an urgent update on a customer case. To ensure 100% responsiveness, you excuse yourself, step outside to send a quick Voice Note on your Convo app explaining everything, and get back on track almost instantly. This makes it easier for your associate to act on your response, and it bridges potential communication gaps.

Keep Track Of Everything

Although face-to-face communication is great, it poses a risk that nobody running a business wants. When you say something, it is easy for the other party to deny the exact words you communicated or interpret it wrongly. Sending a long text message can also cause a recipient to lose interest, skim through crucial points, or fail to follow up on projects. What if you do not have a pen and paper, or you are too busy to jot down to-dos, let alone scribble hastily on a notepad? Simply speak into the mic on the Convo app and hit the ‘Send button’, and monitor conversations without letting anything slip by. This helps keep teams alert, increasing their efficiency and productivity.

You can also share current and future tasks, plan sprints and ask if your teams require clarification on anything. This brings people together, streamlines your workflows, and improves employee engagement. Most importantly, Voice Notes make everyone accountable for their tasks. As teams must update you about their progress or any potential roadblocks they are facing, they build a sense of responsibility towards their work and become more proactive.

Make Yourself Heard Everywhere

It’s not possible to be physically present every time at the office. Moreover, with remote work/WFH as the new normal, we should implement solutions that help us adapt to the current circumstances. Keeping this in mind, it is unpleasant to have business conversations scattered across several apps or devices. This can cause teams to misinterpret qualitative and quantitative information or miss a message entirely.

Voice Notes enable you to be heard no matter where you work from. This feature update is a convenient way for you to get in touch with your co-workers or employees. At the same time, you can shape your tone and communicate context in depth which adds the human element to business. Think of it as an all-in-one tool that allows everyone to stay connected, in sync, and on top of things. Whether they work from their desk, on the go, or from the comfort of their homes, Convo Voice Notes provide complete coverage and transparency.