Streamlined business processes are vital to an organization’s overall efficiency. For organizations to become and remain successful, it’s time for them to change the way they work and embrace collaborative tools to move ahead into the digital era. Remote working in response to the pandemic has enabled organizations to embrace the flexible and hybrid way forward with the increase in workflow automation and more.

PTCL experiences seamless collaboration with Convo

PTCL, Pakistan’s largest telecom provider, has been on a mission to transform the digital landscape of Pakistan. In order to continue playing its part in the development of the country’s telecommunication facility, PTCL must stay innovative. For the longest time, PTCL’s employees relied on emails and multiple collaboration tools for their day-to-day correspondence, until last year, they seamlessly shifted to Convo.

With Convo, PTCL was able to integratemultiple apps in one place through the Integration feature for a smooth and rich collaboration experience while eliminating the time that was being consumed juggling between dozens of apps.

The management at PTCL believes that Convo complements the organization’s objective of transforming the digital landscape of Pakistan with its collaborative features. and workflow automation.
Here’s what Amjad Iqbal, Group EVP of PTCL, has to say about Convo:

Convo makes sharing large files possible at Unicorn Black

Unicorn Black, the multi-award-winning transmedia production company, works by exchanging large-size videos with its team regularly. The greatest challenge accompanied by work-from-home was finding a communication tool that allowed sharing large-sized documents along with the ease to share progress and feedback. With Convo, the transition towards remote working became seamless.

Convo allows you to share over 60 formats of files ranging from web links to videos to presentations, making it a complete collaboration platform. This is further proven when the employees at Unicorn Black find it easier to share and update their work progress with others while easily tweaking their work according to the feedback received through Laser Focused visual feature. This helps Unicorn Black to automate their workflows working remotely or from the office.

Here is Adeel Abid, COO of Unicorn Black, sharing his experience with Convo:

Convo Simplifies Team Collaboration at Multinet

Multinet, the premier information, and communications solution providers offer a wide range of infostructure services to companies in Pakistan. The solutions are customized as per the customer’s requirements which required switch between multiple platforms for internal and external communication, making it very complex. With Convo’s Group chats and One-to-One chat, communication became organized and structured and enabled the teams to work better together.

The organization gives great importance to team collaboration and Convo serves as a platform to communicate effectively by integrating multiples apps in one to achieve organizational milestones.

Here is the COO of Multinet, Adnan Zaidi, sharing his experience with Convo:

Remote working made easy with Convo

Techlets is a data science company that delivers cutting-edge AI-driven solutions. Being an influencer network, it provides services across the region and must coordinate with multiple teams. Having all the relative parties under one roof with user friendly features was their basic need. Convo, not just provided a consolidated platform for all their chats, groups, files, and assets, but also provided a companywide activity stream using the Newsfeed.

The organization and its employees believe that working remotely has never been this easy.
Here’s a testimonial by Ahsan Tahir, COO of Techlets:

Now, it’s time to stop your search for the right collaboration tool and get on board with Convo to automate and streamline your work collaborations.

Convo has transformed how organizations originally perceived collaboration tools & workflow automation. With its 360-view approach towards team collaboration, it has been able to address most remote workplace environment fallbacks. With its unique architecture, Convo has scaled very quickly and still coming out with new features which will push the tool as one of the most workplace-ready among the bunch.