Non-desk workforce is an essential part of a company and requires proper means of communication to be productive. While there are a number of software in the market that provide decent collaboration options, only a few succeed in delivering all the required functionality to employees at every level of the organization.
Most collaboration platforms focus on the desk force, the people in the office, and are created keeping them in mind. However, for any platform to fully optimize productivity and improve performance, it needs to integrate the non-desk and desk workers equally in the company. It is not sufficient to cater to only one of these categories as the entire team needs to be connected, coordinated and unified in order to achieve common goals. Keeping this in mind, Convo was designed to accommodate both the desk and non-desk workers, unifying them in a single place, providing state of the art communication and collaboration features.
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Most Non-desk workers are seasonal employees or are working on project basis. Due to this, many companies are hesitant to provide them with a company email, while at the same time the employees also look for an easy way to communicate within company. To achieve this, Convo now allows users to signup with their personal mobile phone number or personal email address.
To enable signup, your Convo network admin can upload a CSV file containing the contact details of company’s registered users such as first name, last name, mobile phone numbers or personal email addresses of the non-desk employees you want to bring into your Convo network. All the users present in the latest CSV will be eligible to sign up to network. Once a user has signed up, subsequent CSVs uploaded by the network Admin won’t remove her from your Convo, even if her information is not in the CSV. The only way to remove a signed up user is from the Team Directory. This way the Network Admin doesn’t have to worry about the entries in the CSV, every time new people join the organization.
The first time CSV is uploaded, Convo gives the Network Admin the option of sending Invite SMS (in case of phone number) and Invite Email (in case of personal email address) to users in the CSV. The link in the invitation SMS/Email takes the user to sign up page, where they can easily sign up to network via mobile phone number or personal email address.

Registered Users list

This feature allows an easy way for everyone to stay connected on the network without the companies having to create and disable email accounts for every new employee that joins the network. It also allows flexibility for existing users to change their signup email from their work email to mobile phone number or even a personal email account. Apart from making it easier for seasonal employees to join a central platform and stay engaged with the company, this new feature will also reduce the cost of handling email for all such employees for the company and improve communication within the non-desk and desk workforce all in all.

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