In the recent years, there has been a lot of talk about workplace collaboration platforms that help companies improve efficiency and productivity. These platforms have changed the way we communicate and evolved overtime to perfectly fit the needs of enterprise communication. However, while the fast paced technology improves efficiency, companies face a serious problem in terms of compliance from all employees.
The load of information being shared on multiple platforms makes it difficult to ensure that it has been seen. This leaves room for misinformed employees, loopholes in following standard guidelines and poses a threat to overall reliability of communication processes.
Convo has designed the first enterprise social networking platform for a diverse range of verticals. Integrating with different apps and bringing everything you need to work under one platform, Convo creates a digital environment fit for delivering information, collaborating on it and making sure everyone is on the same page. With network wide distribution of information, ensuring compliance and integrity is a necessary facet which the platform does not overlook.

Post Acknowledgements on Convo

Convo’s enterprise collaboration platform, empowers organizations with the tools needed to achieve effective compliance, not only to meet regulatory requirements, but also to enhance core organizational productivity and efficiency.
The new feature of Convo enables post acknowledgement receipts for all users in order to ensure compliance. This feature will help companies across all verticals regulate their employee actions and ensure no shared information is missed. Post acknowledgements can be used in banking where meeting regulations is an important aspect of the industry as well as in retail where the major workforce is non-desk and requires check and balance in order to make sure quality standards are being met across all stores. Not only this, but the feature finds its application in the telecom industry, healthcare and every facet of enterprise communication where international standards or quality regulations come into play.

How it Works

A post creator can choose to enable acknowledgement receipts when creating a post. By doing this, a post will appear blur to all users it is shared with, until they click on acknowledge post.
Screenshot 5B (1)
When a user clicks acknowledge post in order to view its content, the post creator gets a notification that the user has viewed the post. This adds a layer of traceability to company communications and is an effective way of incorporating discipline and accountability in the employees.
Screenshot 7 Updated (1)

Try it Out Today

Convo has launched post acknowledgements in beta version across web, desktop and mobile apps. If you use Convo on mobile, update the app in order to use the new feature, and for those of you on web app, simply reload.
If you’re not a Convo user yet, all the more reason to become one. Simply go to today and signup with your work email or phone number, totally free and start collaborating.