Are you a leader, concerned about how working from home is bringing down your workforce’s productivity? Relatable. Or are you an associate struggling to find the best way for your workforce to collaborate online, now that everyone’s working from home? Also relatable. As the world faces a new problem, to somehow make online work-places as collaborative as those shared physically, businesses are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use and effective online collaborative platform for their employees. And we have a solution – Convo.
Convo is an online collaborative platform, carefully designed to optimize the productivity of a workforce working together remotely. An online portal where large number of people can come together to communicate, collaborate and create!

No More App Juggling!

In the market for such online platforms, only the fastest innovators succeed. We, at Convo, are dedicated to delivering customer-focused innovations, and set ourselves apart from any and all competition. How much of your valuable time have you wasted juggling several apps or tabs while working? At times, even your top-of-the-line device gives in. Convo brings to the table, a seamless integration of 700+ applications to our platform. This unique feature allows users to synchronize all their other app accounts with our platform, which allows us to display their important – and customizable – notifications on their Convo newsfeed.
All features are available across all our platforms – Android, iOs, Desktop and Web-based. Our bonus phone support, superior framework and friendly user-interface set us miles apart from our competition!

Have fun working!

We’re the only collaborative platform that features post sharing. Convo allows you to share images, videos, presentations, web links and files of 60+ other formats with your team. You can also respond by highlighting specific words in or tweaking documents, commenting or leaving an annotation on these shared files, even responding to certain parts of an image or clip in a video. The platform also features a newsfeed, where updates from all over your office are displayed, enabling communication between departments. Our algorithm prioritizes posts based on recent activity and importance, to optimize user feed.
Our platform is carefully designed to build and sustain an interactive work culture. You can interact with each other’s posts by reacting to, commenting on, sharing or tagging on each other’s posts. You can even designate title sticker to your employees, keeping the work place casual, fun and light hearted!


Cut through the fat!

Clutter of information can get quite annoying and anxiety-inducing, especially when you’re short on time. When you seem to have found every file but the one you’re looking for. With Convo, wave goodbye to that problem too. Convo offers you quick access to relevant information, by offering you the tools that you need to organize your data to your preference. Standard tools, such as real-time updating feed, @ mentions, bookmark, and exclusive tools like knowledge-based feed filter etc.
However though, our real work starts where our competitor’s ends. We have developed an advanced search feature that we take great pride in. Unlike anything in the market, our search feature can find specific words lost in a document shared years ago or messages buried  in chat like magic. So, less time looking for data, and more time making use of it – perfect recipe for increased productivity!

Let’s take things to the next level!

We understand the importance of time in effective communication, which is why Convo functions on a model based on synchronous communication. Without getting too technical about this – As a cloud based platform, we have the sender and the receiver of a message synced to a single clock, allowing them to be in complete harmony and enabling lightning fast communication.
Convo is in the game not only to play it, but to also revolutionize it. With our 70+ existing features, in addition with the 5+ launching soon, we are rewriting the script as to what a collaborative platform can achieve and evolve into. With convo, users can create groups for their projects and team members. They can control who can see posts on the group, and can also optimize your newsfeed in accordance with it. So, while company wide information is being shared on the newsfeed, teams can still communicate in closed loops.
Convo also offers a strong direct messaging option. Just like any other messenger, you can send messages, make calls, organise group chats and jump from chat-to-chat to make your communication timely and effective.

No compromise on privacy!

We take data security very seriously, and our user’s privacy is our top priority. Convo offers a bank-grade privacy infrastructure for your data, so you can work fast and without fear. Our platform offers a 265-byte data encryption at rest, ensuring that your data is safe and secure as it moves to and from the Convo cloud, and when its being stored. Other security features include Two-Factor Authentication and Single Sign On, preventing data from being read, secretly modified, or made available to anyone other than the sender and the recipient.
Every day we strive to improve, and help you increase productivity and employee morale in the virtual offices of today and tomorrow, with visionary innovations and exemplary features. Make the right decision for your workforce and your corporation, choose Convo as your internet collaboration platform.