Convo has always led the space in enterprise collaboration and we focus on enhancing our product suite with only the most efficiency-enabling features. One of such features is audio and video calling. the ability to call up a team member while collaborating on a post or when a chat needs to become a phone call increases productivity and accelerates decision making of teams..
Over the years, Convo has offered some amazing features that give it a distinct edge. Now, when the majority of the word’s workforce is confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, work haas shifted from offices to homes and companies are looking for efficient and swift solutions to communicate and collaborate through. Convo has stepped up to support these enterprises and quickly rolled out a major update to the calling feature.

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Consider a situation where you and your teammates are working on an HR policy related to travel benefits in your geographically dispersed organization, and you need to discuss the pros and cons of giving travel advances vs. travel reimbursements, you may even need to consult someone from finance to weigh in on this. What would be the best way to come to a decision; multiple chat messages or one consolidated audio call with the concerned team members? Convo offers a simple solution.
Our latest audio/video calling feature allows users to create a chat group and make group calls with up to 4 participants while still sharing and exchanging any material they want in any format through chat window.
Any guest user can be added into your call simply by copying a secure share link at the top corner of the call screen and sharing it with the desired person. All they have to do is click on it and join in. As simple as that.

While audio and video calling have been available to Convo Enterprise users since long, we have made significant improvements to the user experience with this major release.

Call from Anywhere

Your team could be working anywhere, but connecting quickly with a colleague is now as easy as opening the chat window and tapping the call button on your mobile Convo app. Organization users have no need to look for each others’ phone number to make a call, nor any need to expose their own phone number over the entire network so people can get in touch with them. Convo Audio Video calling connects you through seamlessly.

Audio & Video Conference Call

Conference calls with excellent quality audio and video can be as easily conducted as p2p calls. Users can add up to 4 people in a conference call, this can be done incrementally or all at once. Easiest way to start a conference call; pick the Convo chat group with the relevant team members and tap the audio or video call button on the top right corner. Select the call participants and you’re off.

Keep working on Convo while you call

The Convo Call for both audio and video can seamlessly run in the background while you continue to work in the Convo app. Tapping the back button on the call screen, takes you back to the main application where you can easily share Post and comment links over chat, to reference in discussion or develop documentation over, during the call.

Call History

Convo preserves a call log on the participants’ device indicating when calls were started, participants added or when participants left and when calls were ended or missed by any participants. This history can be helpful in remembering conversations and call participants for rounding up meeting notes.

Your Security is Convo’s Priority

Convo takes your privacy very seriously and uses end-to-end encryption which prevents data being read or secretly modified, and is only available to sender and recipient. Convo has already proven itself against the same genre apps on all the available platforms i.e. Android, iOS and web but the drive to excel always keeps us motivated to bring our users the next best features.
At Convo, we want our users to experience easy, intuitive and productive communication. No more reading through everything. No more texts. Talk, Share, Work.