Convo for Work from Home

If this is your first time working from home, you must be wondering how to stay connected with your teams, and what is the right tool to communicate and collaborate over documents? Often, in such circumstances, employees opt to share information with their peers over social media tools which lack the right set of controls and features to administer enterprise communication.
Convo offers you a secured digital workplace. It is built to streamline all your work communication while allowing team members to collaborate, share and organize their work no matter where they are. It is the virtual ‘office’ that will keep your teams productive even when they are working from home.

How does Convo work?

Once you have sign up to Convo, a secured network is created for your company, letting you connect with your desk and non-desk employees through company email addresses and phone numbers. Convo offers user experience similar to social media apps, so teams do not take long to onboard onto the platform. With Convo’s rich collaboration features, your teams can easily share documents and multimedia files and instantly start collaborating over them.

Stay connected with your team over Groups

When your team is not working under one roof, it is essential to have a unified platform where everyone can see what’s happening in the network. On Convo, employees can create project or department-specific groups. Groups help team build an open culture where they can share their opinions or make key group decisions.
Convo offers two types of groups – public and private. If the company has to send out a notice to all employees about ‘Work from home’ policies, a public group in Convo would be your go-to medium.
Private groups allow your workforce to have discussions within a specified audience. Private groups are more suitable for team to share all information on the on-going tasks and campaigns.

Convo for Web and Mobile

Sharing posts is easier and fun!

To start a new project, share a post with your team and ask for feedback in the comments section. If your team is working remotely, you need to make frequent posts within the groups. You can easily manage various discussions in the comment section of a post and none of your discussions get cluttered. In comments, you have  ‘View Thread’ option, which allows you to view an entire thread of replies by hiding all irrelevant comments. This one simple click or tap on View Thread option aligns all relevant comments together for you to understand the context of replies.

Want to share your suggestions for any change in document?

With Convo, you can mark up the area of a picture, video, file or text in post or comments. These are annotations, and they eliminate the task of finding the context of the discussion or feedback by automatically redirecting you to the part marked by your group members.
Convo Annotations on Files

Is your team more comfortable coordinating on chat?

In addition to post sharing in groups and with individual users, Convo offers a built-in chat for having quick one-to-one and group discussions.  These chat groups can be used for taking instant follow-ups with your team with features such as reply, reply privately, and mentioning a member of the group chat
convo chat
Convo’s chat replaces other chat-centric tools, such as Whatsapp, where information once downloaded is out of the control of the enterprise. With Convo, once access is terminated, no information can be leaked since the user no longer has access to the network.

Have an instant meeting on audio or video calls

To stay connected with your team remotely, either from home or office at any time, people sometimes need a quick call. Convo Chat has an option of audio and video call (limited to 4 participants) for users. People can stay connected, have a quick discussion or give a quick feedback over call while using Convo. 

Integrate with your favorite work app

Convo helps employee connect with tools they use on daily-basis whether they use email apps like Office 365, Ymail, Hotmail or tools like Salesforce, JIRA etc. The one-way integration allows all information to be available in one place so that you can easily search required information without any hassle. You can also integrate your company’s Twitter handle to see what users have to say about your product/service.
Convo integrate with apps

Remind your team members about important updates

Convo offers a feature that lets you easily ensure compliance. The acknowledgement type post is designed to get read receipts of the information you shared. Acknowledgement type post shows who has read the post and who hasn’t. You can also see the timestamp of the read receipt with recipients who have read the post.
Convo Post Views
Convo makes remote working a breeze. With all collaboration features, you wont feel as if you’re not working under one roof. So, what you’re waiting for? Hop on the bandwagon today, sign up and start collaborating!