As 2019 draws to an end, we have a lot to look back on and be proud of. As promised year on year, 2019 saw Convo continue to deliver value to our customers, providing solutions in areas that made communication and productivity most effective.

Convo Focus

Convo’s focus has been to unify organizations by making communication intuitive and effortless. As digital transformation becomes integral to every organization’s strategy Convo is right there at the helm with tools and features that enable digital transformation across the largest enterprises. As a collaboration solution, Convo completely caters to each industry’s unique processes while still adding value whether it’s training, customer support, policy making, compliance, rewards and recognition or knowledge sharing.
The strategy of 2019 was to not only deepen our feature set, but also to broaden it. This meant enhancing existing features by adding options that were most valuable to our users and as well as developing new features altogether that offer whole new functionality. With this in mind, let’s look at the rap sheet of 2019;

Fresher Theme!

New year, new look. That’s what we did in the start of 2019. We brought you a Convo experience that had fresh colors and modern icons. This was a carefully crafted UX and UI experience that was aimed at making information more visually appealing with intuitive organization.

Cloud Agnostic – Convo Infra-anywhere!

Convo made a major leap this year in terms of deployability – as an enterprise solution with a broad range of users spread over 4 continents we had always wanted to provide our customers the freedom to have Convo deployed on any cloud (public or private) of their choice . This essentially meant that the user-facing applications (Web and Mobile) would remain the same, but user’s data and application hosting could be in a cloud of the enterprise choice. From 2019, Convo Enterprise customers can choose to stay with AWS or specify regional or local clouds for Convo deployment*.
Cloud Agnostic

IMAP Native Integration

Native IMAP Integrations – for all our users who do not have major email providers and need to integrate their emails with Convo. Check out the large array of IMAP service providers and enjoy IMAP based email integrations in Convo.

Reply Feature for Chats

Starting from Q4 2019, Convo is steadily enhancing the Chat Feature, both in terms of UI/UX and core functionality. We successfully rolled out reply feature for chat on web and mobile apps, and have gotten great feedback on the user experience. In 2020, we plan to really up our chat game, so stay tuned!


Big Chat Improvements

Chat is important part of how communication is done today, and Convo has an especially powerful chat feature. In 2019 we rolled out improvements for Big Chat on the web app. A fresh, bigger interface to hold important conversations, search for important discussions, quickly browse through media and files  shared in different chats as well as easy customization of Group Chats – Big Chat packed in big functionality.


Major Mobile App Optimizations

We did some major overhauling of the mobile applications. Both iOS and Android applications saw some serious under-the-hood performance improvements that were aimed at making the applications response times faster especially the most used features – chat and feed.

Splash Screens – Make Better Announcements

Network Administrators never had it easier – send out important announcements to your network users over Convo network and rest assured that those announcements will be read. The Splash Screen feature allows Network Admins to create content of any kind (text, link, multimedia file) which is presented to users in Convo app and can only be dismissed after the ‘pin interval’ set by the Admin. Making sure company-wide announcements were thoroughly received and read just got easier.


Image Scaling

A large number of uploads to Convo include images, whether it’s from the web app or mobile apps. To ensure that our users can share large images quickly, without consuming too much data, we introduced image scaling for all our apps.

Subscribe to Posts

For Convo users who want to stay updated on specific content, the Post Subscription feature was just what the doctor ordered. Users can subscribe to posts shared with groups they are part of, and receive active notifications on all post activity including edits, comments, further sharing, etc.


Enhanced Post Permissions

We also improved post permissions by segregating post content creation permissions from post sharing permissions. Post creators can decide at the time of making the post if recipients can edit the post, comment on it or only view it and whether they can share it further with anyone. This way posts whose content only needs to be viewed can still be shared ahead with other users for whom it would be useful.

 Controls for Acknowledgement Posts

Towards the end of 2018, we rolled out an important feature – Acknowledgement for Posts – to enable enterprises in ensuring better compliance. During 2019, we made this feature more impactful by adding important controls for both network Admins as well as post creators;

  1. Admin Control – Acknowledgement Post Privilege: Network Administrators can set which users can create Posts with the Acknowledgement feature. This ensures that networks, especially larger ones, are not flooded with Acknowledgement Posts from everyone.
  2. Custom Reminder Times: We enhanced the reminder feature which notified users that an acknowledgement post had been shared with them and they needed to view it. Acknowledgement Post creators can decide if they want to send post recipients reminder notifications or not, and further the time interval after which the notification should be sent (24H, 48H, 72H, 96H).

 What do you say to the God of Procrastination ?

Not today, not this year! That’s what we say at Convo. Making enterprises more efficient and effective, making communication impactful, intuitive and noise free, bringing teams together regardless of functions or geography, that is the fuel that drives us to work every day.
We look forward to bringing you greater value and joy in 2020.
*Terms and conditions apply, this is a contract-level feature for Enterprise to determine before deployment and rollout.