With the latest update of Convo, annotations are everywhere and on everything.
By everywhere we mean, across all apps, on iOS, Android, and the desktop and web apps.
And by everything we mean, not only can you annotate files in posts (what you’ve already been doing since the very beginning), but also annotate files attached to comments (more on that shortly).
? If you’re new here, let’s catch you up and tell you all the cool things you can do with this tool.  
Annotations are a great way to give important feedback, have contextual conversations and make critical decisions quickly. With this powerful tool, everyone stays on topic and knows exactly what to do. Just select the part you want to bring attention to and comment on it to make an annotation. This shows up as a clickable snippet in your conversation thread. Anyone who clicks it, will be pointed to the exact part you highlight.

What’s new ?

Before today, files attached within comments were view only. So if you wanted to talk about something on that file, you had to do it the old way… use a whole lot of words to communicate what you are talking about, instead just just making a box around it.
With the latest update, make annotations on files attached within comments too. This enables faster and better decision making, amps up collaboration and ensures that your teammates understand what you mean, the first time.
It is the best way to work on several documents at a time, maintain focus and get stuff done.
Time saved ? higher productivity.
Get your hands on this awesome power pack now.

P.S. Tell us how you’re using annotations to give feedback.  We’d love to hear from you.