Work is becoming more and more digitized each day. Files are now dynamic and not stacks of paper, people don’t have time for meetings that drag on for hours without any productive outcome and work does not mean sitting on your desk all day long.
Working is hard. We get it
People need a communication tool that helps them get meetings done faster, eliminates feedback delay and keeps them connected on the go. This is precisely where Convo comes in.
With carefully curated features, Convo offers its users a work collaboration platform that lets them perform their everyday tasks without any hassle.
Here’s a look at 3 quick ways to get better at collaborating with your team using Convo:
1. Create Shareable Content
A normal workday for most people includes – creating documents in one medium, sharing them in another and then discussing it on another. This requires a lot of effort. Formatting is hard, access rights need to be granted and collaborating on these documents is a mess of its own.
But here’s an easier way to do all of that. Packed with easy to use formatting features, editable sharing permissions and real time commenting, Convo’s posts allow you to create, share, edit and discuss powerful content from your desk and on the go.
2. Give Precision Feedback
Feedback delays are the number one reason of decreased productivity in a team. Getting your point across to everyone while you’re not in the same room is not an easy task.
Convo offers a quick fix to all your feedback delay problems. Get rid of the lengthy confusing textual feedback with annotations.
You can use markup to annotate shared files on posts and comments, including documents, images, videos and 60+ file formats. And you can use all these from your laptop or your mobile.
This allows you to get clear and precise feedback in real time and makes sure everyone knows exactly what it is you’re talking about.
3. Stay Connected on the go
With more and more people constantly working on the go, the need to stay informed about important company work is increasing. Your work can’t wait for you to get back to your desk, and there is no reason why it should either.
Whether it is an important design that needs your immediate feedback, or a last minute change that needs to be done, with Convo’s notifications you are always in the loop. They allow you to pull your weight from wherever in the world you are and make sure you never miss a beat.
Teamwork makes the Dream work
A well connected team is essential to the success of any business and Convo is the best way to make sure that your team is – that team.
If you haven’t tried it out yet, switch your team to Convo and start collaborating for free today. Let’s make working together easy again.