If you’re still using email with your coworkers, your fancy tools are not giving you a true new-age collaboration experience. Finally, a solution to the email hell we live in! Imagine not have hundreds of unread and irrelevant emails piling up your inbox and causing you stress every time it catches your eye.

Majority of your emails are generated with internal email communications. What if all that went away and only critical external email communications were generated. With Convo Simplify, users now have deep two-way email communications from one interface, while still having all the new-age powerful collaboration features to collaborate with co-workers. This powerful combination will help unclutter email by decreasing internal email generation by almost 90%.

It could be emails from external clients, partners or even other co-workers (yes, not everyone in a 10,000 employee company may be on Convo) – all your communication now flows through your easy to navigate Convo feed. You can now compose, reply, reply-all, forward, mark SPAM/read, delete emails straight from within Convo.

A client or a co-worker sends an email, it comes to your feed via an integration, you collaborate with your entire team without generating any more emails. Then you can simply reply to the original email to the customer from within the same thread! Email Simplified!

Convo offers a variety of productivity bolstering features, and this latest feature will encourage users to make Convo their go-to collaborative app. The company has officially announced that the Convo Simplify feature is widely available for Web, iPhone, Android, and Desktop app.

The company quoted in an official statement, “Convo Simplify simplifies work communication by helping unclutter work communications. Using Convo’s collaboration platform with Simplify, users will find unnecessary emails no longer get generated.”With the release of Convo Simplify, a user can integrate several email accounts with Convo and benefit from the full scope of features for each of them. Users can integrate their O365, Outlook, Zimbra, Gmail, Hotmail, or any email account that works with IMAP APIs, with Convo’s interface via IMAP.

Convo Simplify now allows a user to respond to emails as well as other forms of synchronous and asynchronous messaging all from one platform.