More and more enterprises now prefer working remotely using various virtual collaboration platforms for a faster and more secure workflow. However, the collaborative tools available may or may not be secure and data could be vulnerable enough to be hacked and misused for malicious purposes creating digital security loopholes. Hackers could surpass multiple systems to gain access to confidential information and create anarchy, particularly for enterprises that use well-known apps which exist in the market.

Are you prepared for today’s security compliance? 

Using different apps for messaging and collaboration purposes at work do not instill security compliance. Many readily available options in app stores for work communication and document collaboration include terms and conditions that are under scrutiny for clarity of data privacy. Data in transit or at rest is at risk of data theft, additionally, data that can be erased after some time, or shared on platforms that have a single control enterprise poses threats to the consent of users and their information. Sharing sensitive information can allow hackers to fish data when it is most vulnerable.

Secure applications

But, with CONVO, integration of multiple apps ensures data security and has the added benefit of using one interface for all collaboration purposes, so your communication runs smooth and does not get lost in the clutter. Keeping security at the heart of the system with its at-rest data encryption, CONVO guarantees maximum protection of data that is shared, collaborated, and communicated digitally.

With so many available options for virtual collaboration, how can you determine which one provides the greatest advantage?

CONVO offers numerous features to enable collaboration, support project workflows, and facilitate communication throughout the organization whilst using CONVO’s ‘bank-grade’ data security model. Normally, data exchange between a sender and receiver passes through: the sender’s device, the cloud, and the receiver’s device.

With the industry’s best technology and practices, CONVO ensures that your data is always end-to-end encrypted even whilst the sending and receiving devices are at rest. So, in case of a device being stolen, hacked or damaged, or a server being accessed illegitimately, your data will always be protected and the perpetrators’ attempts will be wasted effort.

Digital Security at your fingertips

Are office networks safer than virtual networks?

Workplace private networks and their security was always a concern, but, after remote work became commonplace, there was a spike in virtual private networks too. However, CONVO takes away the burden and cost of securing and configuring multiple networks for remote work by offering a collaboration space that facilitates real-time shared access to files within one interface that allows you to collaborate and converse with clients and internal employees safely.

Amplify Digital Security with CONVO

It is highly likely that corporations may still continue remote work in the future. However, with CONVO, you can rest assure that there will be no compromise on digital security when collaborating virtually from home or office. So start collaborating, communicating and sharing with bank-grade data security because you are always digitally secure with CONVO!