There’s one challenge that seems to plague teams and companies all over the world. Whether they’re big or small, remote or co-located; they all require everyone working in the company to stay on the same page. This might seem easy enough to do but even the best team collaboration tools can fail if the right fit between the tool and organization isn’t found.

Project milestones, deadlines, updates, annotations, feedback, questions, invoices… it’s all-important, yet can all easily get lost in the shuffle and result in major setbacks for any team. This is why it’s so important to find the perfect tool for your company. Fortunately, this is one more area were technology adaption and advancements can swoop in and help us improve the way we work significantly.

There are multiple types of tools and apps available that help out companies in different ways and perform different functions. From streamlining workflows, improving communication, and keeping companies organized, each tool is important in its own rite. What’s necessary is to find the right tool to implement that’ll make your team work smarter (instead of harder!).

The things to consider when deciding on a tool is how well it performs each of these functions:

  1. Communication Tool

This might seem obvious but effective communication is essential for teams to drive results. Each organization needs a communication tool in place to help them perform to their highest potential.

communication tool
  • Seamless and Quick Communication

Communication needs to be seamless and quick for maximum effectiveness and as such communication tools should be able to perform all sorts of functions from personal and group chats and instant messaging, video and audio calls, conference calls, providing quotes and feedback, secure communications channels and sharing of all file formats like audio, documents, video, image etc. Finding the best communication tool helps organizations perform their best and keeps all employees connected among themselves and their employers.

  • Project Management Tool

Every company has different teams working on various projects at the same time. Sometimes the same employee is working on multiple projects or a manager is looking after multiple projects simultaneously. It can be hard to keep up with all the deliverables, deadlines and updates on every single project. Which is why an effective project management tool is needed.

Project Management
  • Choose the Right Project Management Tool

The right project management tool for your company can make all the difference when it comes to implementing projects successfully. Project management tools should offer organized and structured team communication, help with faster decision making through polls and other tools, provide remote collaboration, help gather data and insights and manage teams.

  • Organization Tool

To help drive results and maintain efficiency, it’s important for companies to stay organized. Tools can be very beneficial in this regard.

organization tools
  • Functions of Organizational Tools

Different tools can be utilized to do things like organize your notes, to-do lists, planners and journals. Having these handy can help employees and organizations with effective work performance and achieving deadlines, and avoid mistakes like missed deliverables.

  • Benefits of the Right Tool

When teams are connected and on the same page about their tasks, aware of what’s happening in each facet of the organization and working towards a common shared goal, it can have a huge impact on things like productivity, engagement and efficiency. Which is why finding the right tool for your organization is so important and if one tool can do the work of several different ones, it increases the likelihood of effective team collaboration even more. Convo is the right tool for your company to meet deadlines, stay connected with your team and stay organized. Convo provides the necessary tools organizations to be on the same page, all in one app!