In the beginning of this year, We promised a new set of features coming to Convo to facilitate your daily work routines. Now, it is time we start delivering on that promise. Easter is coming soon, but we couldn’t wait that long to share the amazing things our team has been up to these past couple of months. So here’s an early Easter goody for you to rejoice.

Geotagging Of Posts

For all Convo users, posts are the corner stone of their network. They make it super easy to deliver updates and collaborate over various files such as long PDFS, hefty videos, design images, presentations etc., You can also have detailed discussions around links and ideas, record minutes of meetings or welcome new people onboard. Posts let you do it all.
Posts are also interactive and loaded with all fun elements like Emoji and Gifs. Comments on posts allow everyone to add their two cents to the discussions and create annotations on things shared in a post to make in-context collaboration a breeze.
With ongoing work always moving, it is important for everyone to know where information is coming from. Location matters and it is vital for an organization with its team spread all across the globe. This is why Convo’s posts now come with a brand new ability of adding location. This means no matter where it is you’re creating a post from, with a single click or tap, you’ll be able to tell everyone on your network about your location with a single click or tap. And if you’re a manager, it adds a new layer of clarity by allowing you to always know where your team is working from.
As an example, think of a company that has several offices and teams constantly on the move because Due to the nature of their job, they don’t have the time to update everyone about their location. With geo tagging, all they have to do while sharing an update is click or tap on the Location icon to geo-tag the post.
The location icon appears in the post toolbar. Clicking it enables location fetching for the user and the returned location is added to the bottom of the post.
UPD-geotag-post (1)
Once a post is created, the location appears on the post. Clicking the blue pin shows the location on a map, and here you can zoom in and out the map to check what lies in the vicinity of the pinned location.
Updated - 2-geotag-post (1)
The location will always be fetched based on the current location of the post creator. This ensures that the person creating a post is present where they said they are and this preserves the integrity of geo-tagged post. Meanwhile, anyone viewing the post can easily navigate the location with handy pinch and zoom functionality to make interaction easier for everyone.

Stay Tuned, More Good Things to Come

It’s been a joy having you on Convo and we hope you stick around as more goodies are coming your way. Meanwhile, update all your Convo apps to enjoy the geo tagging goodness and write to us at if you have any questions.
If you’re new here, hop on to Convo for free today and bring your team over for a productive and collaborative team experience.
Note: Geo tagging of posts is also coming to Android in a few days followed by the iOS app.
Update: Geo Tag feature is now available on both iOS and Google Play Stores.