Personalization is important in making users feel connected to the product. It helps develop a sense of comfort while using the product and adds an intrinsic value to it. Keeping that in mind, we are now adding customization to Convo profiles and making them more informative and easily modifiable according to every organization’s need. Having customers from all verticals, we believe this was an important step in the roadmap, which has now been completed and is ready for you all to give it a go.

All About Custom User Profiles

1.  What Are They?

Previously on Convo, the information visible on individual user profiles was predefined and exactly the same for everyone on Convo regardless of their network. Now, along with permanent fields in user profiles (which are imperative to the user profiles and will always be there) , network admins will be able to create company specific custom fields for getting required information from their users.
Users will also be able to add information to these custom fields, which will display in the right sidebar of their profile page and be visible to everyone on their network.

2.  How Do They Work?

Network admins will be able to add as many custom fields as they want. They will also have the ability to lock custom as well as permanent fields. Locking a field means users will not be able to enter or edit data in that field. This gives network admins the ability to deliver specific user information like profile links, employee ID, department name etc., to network-wide audience meanwhile ensuring the data remains secure at all times.
manage-users (2)

3.  What Value Do They Offer?

The idea behind this was to make Convo more tailor fitted according to every organization’s needs and make information delivery more manageable and centralized. With that design consideration in mind, these custom fields appear in the user profile as ‘Additional Info’ with the already existing permanent fields. The fields that are locked will display a lock icon in front of them in user profile settings, indicating that users cannot edit information in these fields.
Locked fields are great when it comes to providing untampered and errorless information network-wide. Consider the example of a manager who wants to reach out to employees working on the go. A locked custom field with everyone’s up-to-date contact information saves a lot of time as compared to the alternative of searching for each employee’s number.

Custom user profiles add personalization to individual profiles in multiple ways. Users can share more details about themselves with their teams, get to know each other better, hold ice-breaking sessions, discover common interests, and communicate effectively.

More To Come On Convo’s 2018 Roadmap

Go ahead and tell a little more about yourself to your team or tell us how you like the new features we’ve rolled out. If you have any questions, feel free to write at We look forward to hearing from you.
Note: Custom profiles will be coming to Android in a couple of days and hitting the iOS app right after. Stay tuned.
Update: Custom profiles is now available on Google Play Store and iOS App store now.