Convo is proud to announce the addition of Jacked Nutrition to its clientele and transform its internal business communication into Digital Collaboration. Jacked Nutrition has implemented Convo to manage and collaborate with its workforce across 7 outlets in Pakistan to impart a complete lifestyle that caters to all health and fitness needs.

How does CONVO help Jacked Nutrition?

Convo provides Jacked Nutrition the opportunity to experience a rich business collaboration tool for its retail teams. Since retail environments are critical and require effective, two-way communication, using Convo enables the company to accelerate its decision-making and streamline its communication through a single platform across all its outlets in Pakistan, further enhancing the customer experience.

Build a Collaborative Workforce

This in turn has improved Jacked Nutrition’s internal communication and has allowed the company to manage its daily activities, simplify horizontal and vertical communication, and optimize inventory management in terms of nutrients and cooked meals.

Convo, with the approach of improving the overall collaboration experience at Jacked Nutrition, makes it possible for HR to manage the workflow of employees on leave.

Collaborative-based HRM Practices

With a single platform for collaboration, it is now easier for HR to share policies, rules, and documents with the new joiners and enhance the onboarding process. Not just that, Jacked Nutrition is also able to share important information and notices with its retail team across outlets in one go by using the acknowledgment feature on posts.

While other companies are being forced to rearrange desk arrangements and adhere to social distancing protocols, Jacked Nutrition can manage its dispersed workforce through contactless attendance with Convo Locate and guarantee solid workforce management while ensuring safety.

Convo believes improving customer experience is a multi-faceted approach, which if practiced can attract and retain customers. Through a single platform for communication, Jacked Nutrition capitalizes on the opportunity to keep its trainers, priority customers, and management connected through Convo, making it an ideal tool for workforce collaboration.

Envisioning the Future with Digital Collaboration

We belong to a world that is constantly changing, much of which is driven by digital technology. Businesses need to embrace all that change offers, to help their workforce keep pace and maintain their competitive edge. No matter how technology continues to evolve, embracing technology is always a key to moving forward, especially when you have Convo which makes the transition easier and convenient. Intending to digitalize the workplace, Jacked Nutrition has embarked on an endeavor to utilize Convo as its way forward.