ezgif-4-0a67eb38a618Convo is a multi-platform communication and collaboration application that delivers team productivity and engagement to all of its users. The application is aimed at reducing the burden of email for internal communication within the enterprise, minimizing feedback delay and enabling employees to connect with eachother whether they are working on the desk or on the go.
Working on a number of projects at a time can be difficult and is bound to cause feedback bottleneck. With Convo, the process is made fast and simple so there are no more delays. Here’s how you can minimise feedback delay to improve employee performance:

1. Distraction free Notifications

Turn on notifications for projects you’re working on, new posts being shared with you or whenever someone mentions you on Convo. This makes it easy for you to be in the know whenever there’s new activity instead of having to search for updates that require your input. Simply click on the notification and get right to the post or comment.

2. Visual Feedback on Everything

Convo’s crisp and clear collaboration tools allow users to pin point parts of text, images, documents, videos as well as 60+ file formats in order to deliver precise visual feedback. The annotation feature makes this possible in an easy and flexible way. Simply select the part you want to call out and click comment. The selected part of text or image etc. will be added as a snippet to your comment. This allows you to make your feedback more clear. Clicking on these snippets will direct users to the called out part and highlight it for them, instead of them having to read long textual paragraphs to understand what you’re talking about.

3. Discussions within Threads

Convo supports threaded conversations which allow users to maintain context of the conversation, even if it is 100 comments deep. This is not easily achievable with email or chat. Imagine dropping in on a conversation with several comments and not knowing what the discussion is about. It will take you a long time before you are able to give any valuable input. However, with the threaded conversations, you can simple click on the thread to see what’s being talked about and pitch in your 2 cents instantly.

4. Quick Decisions with Polls

Not all things require long conversations. Some decisions just need a yes or no input and Polls on Convo let you do exactly that. With polls you can gather user opinion on a variety of matters using text or image options. These polls are easy to create and allow you to get to decisions faster.

5. Connected on the Desk and on the Go

No more out of office emails or waiting to get back to your desk to give feedback. Connect to your Convo network from wherever you are with the fuly functional mobile apps and give feedback in an instant.
Still suffering from missed deadlines and feedback delays? Shift your team over to Convo and experience an improved collaboration experience within days. Sign up for free today at www.convo.com.