Groups on Convo are an effective medium for sharing information with team members and having detailed discussions on them. They give everyone a centralized place to find team specific information and serve as a knowledge base.
Currently on Convo, post creators decide how people interact base on the shared information. This means that only post creators get to decide whether a post will be ‘read only’ or allow other users to edit and comment on it. By default, all members on a Convo network have the ability to create posts.

Restrict Post Creation In Groups

Now, with the release of restricted post creation feature, we have given group admins the ability to set interacting preferences in groups.
This means that the group admins will be able to choose which members will be allowed to create & edit posts in the group. This adds a new level of control and improves information sharing in closed audiences.3-add-post-creators
Group admins can select post creators while creating a group. If they select the option to allow only select members to create posts, and don’t add any members in the post creators list, only the group admins will have post creation rights in the group.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.34.56 PM Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.35.07 PM
If they add members to the post creators list, only those members and group admins will have the right to create posts in that group. Any member who is granted post creation rights will also be added as a member to the group. Group admins can change post creators after group creation at anytime by going into the group settings.4
With restricted post creation, groups can be used as a new medium for broadcasting information which only select people in the group can manage and everyone else can view and comment on.

Restrict Leave Group

By default, everyone on Convo is allowed to leave a group they have joined whether it is public or private. This is so that users have the flexibility to leave groups for projects and teams they are no longer part of. However, there are some groups on a network which are used to deliver important information like company news and policy notices etc. With members leaving these groups, it becomes hard for the admins to ensure delivery of important information.
To help with this, group admins can now restrict members from leaving a group at the time of group creation as well as change this setting any time by going into group settings.leave-groupThis makes it easier for managers to keep track of everyone who joins a group and helps in effective information delivery.

More Coming In The Summer

Convo is all about its users and we try our best to make sure you get all the flexibility you want to make your workdays faster. Enjoy these new features across all Convo apps on web, desktop and mobile.
Keep reading the blog for more updates, there’s a lot coming your way. Meanwhile, if you’re still not on Convo, hop on for free today or contact us at to see how Convo best fits your business needs.