Convo offers remarkable flexibility when it comes to managing data shared on its networks. Network admins are able to monitor all content, define company policies, create custom user profiles, manage users and define their privileges on the network.
With this release, Convo offers more privileges to the network admins to make management easier and improve overall productivity of their teams.

Disable Group Creation Option For Users

Groups provide a dedicated space for having team specific discussions or managing projects you are working on. However, in some cases this leads to a number of outdated and unnecessary groups that network admins must identify and monitor individually. Currently on Convo, all users except guest users can create groups.

By default, everyone who becomes a member will be able to create groups. So this new change will not disrupt the current flow in which existing networks operate. In order to restrict group creation for regular users, network admins need to enable it from Manage Groups section. This feature will also increase team productivity by providing a lesser number of groups to keep track of.

Network-Wide SMS Notifications

SMS notifications are an integral part of staying connected with peers and getting alerts or reminders about different activities taking place. They come in handy when communicating urgent information with people in remote areas or sending out updates to people on the go.
Now on Convo, admins can also use SMS notifications to send out information and alerts to all users on their networks at any time. They can do this by going to ‘SMS Notification’ section in the network settings. Admins will have the choice to add a network name as a signature at the bottom with the SMS. The characters of the network name will be subtracted by the total character limit of the SMS.
This provides a quick way to deliver textual information. SMS notifications will be allowed to carry URLS and text, but currently will not be supporting any attachments.

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