With teams always on the move, communication gets hard. Email is not enough to keep everyone connected and getting even the smallest of updates becomes a hassle. That’s where chat apps swoop in to take the glory of saving workplace communication, by offering real time connectivity and an easy medium for carrying out work discussions. But, nowadays teams need more than just chat to stay connected and get things done on time.
Here’s top three reasons why chat apps don’t scale:

  1. Chat channels work while team sizes are small. With large teams, the number of chat messages that are shared also increases and discussions go off topic, resulting in wasted time without any productive outcome.
  2. Chat apps don’t provide the necessary feature-set for teams to collaborate over documents and get things done on time.
  3. Chat apps work great when communication is happening in real time, but they don’t allow for timely responses. This creates a feedback bottleneck as the feedback is lost in a pool of chat messages and getting to it takes longer than getting the actual work done.

Modern teams require a platform that can allow them to stay connected from wherever they are but at the same time offer a complete feature-set for actively carrying out work discussions and having in-context work collaboration on documents.

The productivity suite

Convo is a centralised platform for teams to share, discuss and collaborate on projects from any device. Built for modern team communication, it allows teams to give and get clear feedback and add timely responses. It combines a powerful chat, search, and feed that auto-organises activity to give a faster way of working for teams in the office and on-the-go.

Convo Brings Power Collaboration to Mobile

Convo is built to replace the long reply chains of email, and make your work interactions faster, discoverable and shareable. Power packed with integrations, Convo allows you to work with other apps that you’re already using in one central place, to give a complete work experience.
But what sets it apart from every other communication platform in the market is that Convo offers you the same rich collaboration experience on the web, desktop as well as all of its mobile applications, adding a new level of productivity to your workday. Here’s top 5 reasons how Convo for mobile is better than any other collaboration tool out there.
1. Easy Access to Shared Information
Everything on Convo is completely searchable and is accessible from any device. Never worry about missed deadlines or important documents being saved on someone else’s device. With Convo for mobile, everything is available to you all the time, wherever you are.
2. Centralised In-Context Collaboration
Convo allows teams to create, edit, share and discuss ideas and talk about projects in an organised way from one central view. Convo brings all the bits of information needed to work from other apps into one place, without you ever having to leave the main view.
3. Precision Feedback on 60+ File Formats

Convo offers the same rich markup and annotation features across all platforms. You can highlight parts of long reports, give quick feedback on designs, and even add your two cents on the exact frames of shared videos from your mobile.



4. Fast Loading, Less Data Consumption
Convo mobile app is designed to deliver productivity and be cost effective at the same time. Befitting the need of teams that are always on the move, it provides quick loading time and less data consumption, making it ideal for you to carry out work discussions all day long without worrying about data usage or performance issues.
5. Small App Size and Longer Running Time
To ensure everyone can have the Convo mobile app regardless of the type of smartphone they’re using, the app was tailor made to be small in size and optimized to run on low battery. So, the app ensures that your productivity at work does not come at the expense of draining your phone’s battery.

Switch to a Collaboration Rich Experience

Why settle for just chat when you can have it all with Convo? Switch to clear and crisp team communication and get your productivity game up by 10x with fast file previews, quick editing and everything else that you need to get your work frowns upside down. Sign up today for free to see how Convo fits your work needs.