Amid a second wave of COVID-19 around the world, working remotely is sharply on the rise. More and more people are getting their tasks done at home. Despite having the freedom to work from anywhere, it is important to consider the challenges of getting tasks done remotely. It can be difficult to balance your work and personal life, especially, if you are not able to complete your tasks in time due to lack of communication and coordination with your team members. 

Communication and collaboration with the team members is a common barrier when employees are working remotely and this is where Convo comes into play with abundance of features for its users. One of the key benefits of using Convo for remote working is that you can achieve a better work life balance while boosting productivity. 

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Convo offers a variety of productivity bolstering features that encourage businesses to unify their workplaces and make Convo their go-to collaborative app. With Convo Simplify, you can integrate several email accounts with Convo and benefit from the full scope of features for each of them. Users can integrate their O365, Outlook, Zimbra, Gmail, Hotmail, or any other email account that works with IMAP APIs, with Convo’s interface via IMAP. Email communication with external clients, partners or even other co-workers can now flow through your easy to navigate Convo feed. This means you now have the option to compose, reply, reply-all, forward, mark SPAM/read and delete emails, all from within Convo.

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Managing the workflow can be tedious, when working remotely. For teams and individuals to remain productive, you need a communication tool, like Convo and a feature like Easy Flow. It serves as a simple and reliable way to manage your workflow and optimize business processes through automation. It helps you keep your employees in sync, so that approval requests are streamlined, which in turn speeds up the internal processes. Not just that, you can also customize your organizational workflow with Easy Flow by Convo.

Brainstorming ideas and completing a task that requires team efforts can seem impossible when working remotely. But Convo’s chat is a great way to have quick discussions. Instant messages are much better than emails because they help in keeping remote employees more connected with the opportunity to chat separately with a single team member or by creating a group chat to communicate with a bunch of teammates at the same time. Also, email communication can get boring and monotonous, keeping this in mind Convo offers gifs and emoji to light up your project-centric conversations.

You can elevate your experience of chatting by combing Convo’s instant messaging with audio and video calling. So even if you are working from home or anywhere else, you can now seamlessly collaborate through remote engagement, all from within Convo.

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Doesn’t it all sound so great? Yes, it does! Don’t make your life more complicated than it already is, especially, if you are working remotely. Convo knows and understands the struggles individuals might be wanting to overcome right this minute. Struggles of remaining productive or experiencing difficulties with communicating remotely, whatever it may be, Convo can help keep your tasks running and improve your work-from-home performance!