2020 has been a year of overcoming challenges, learning and growth altering the way we work forever. Organizations all over the world have had to adapt and change the way they operate. As remote work has become the necessity of the hour due to the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, Convo’s new upgraded customers have taken the situation in stride and managed their teams and run their operations in a new and effective way – some with highly successful results that have benefited their ability to adjust to fluid changes in the economy. We’ve considered the learning process our customers have gone through, in particular how team collaboration tools have played a fundamental part in their adjustment to working remotely.

We don’t see an end to this new trend that has emerged in the coming year. In fact, there are still 70%+ organizations and people still willing or making up their mind to adapt to this change.

Intra – company communication

As more and more workers are working remotely, the need for all employees and teams to collaborate effectively is increasing. In the past, intranet was an essential part of all organizations. It provided a secure connection exclusive to the organization and helped with sharing information, offered collaboration tools, and other computing services. Now that employees are working remotely, it’s not possible for them to connect to an organization’s intranet. Organizations need a platform to stay connected and updated with what each part of their organization is doing. Convo provides a platform for work conversation that helps people collaborate and communicate to have quick, seamless and focused conversations. It can be thought of as the new intranet, providing employees and organizations all over the world a secure connection and a platform to share files, send messages, have video and voice calls, and everything else needed to stay connected.

Workspaces – Workplaces are now a thing of the “past”

A workplace is a designated location your employees have to show up 5 days a week to work. Whereas, a workspace can be anywhere. Whether it’s a desk, cubicle, your local coffee shop or your home office. Remote work has now increased the need for a “workspace” instead of a “workplace”.

Your workspace doesn’t just include your computer or laptop but all of the specialized softwares, communication tools and other digital devices you need to use every day. Organizations have now recognized the need for workspaces and realized that a regular video call and haphazard texts here and there just don’t cut it. A specialized platform is needed for all conversations to happen and for effective team collaboration. Team collaboration is important for organizations to succeed and compete in this new era of virtual work. Convo helps organizations to receive timely updates on all employees helping teams have better collaboration and communication to thrive in workspaces wherever they are.

Team Wellness

As remote work can make employees and employers feel detached from and among each other, it’s important to bring about a sense of connectedness and keep relations high. Teams that have bonded with each other work better, more effectively and are more productive in the long run. The way to do this is to encourage teams to develop personal connections and collaborate seamlessly for effortless connectivity. This will keep team spirits high, motivation levels skyrocketing and productivity soaring. One way to ensure team wellness is to promote employee participation and real-time connectivity. Convo provides a platform to do just that. Employees need to only log on to the app and they’re immediately connected with the entire organization and employers can easily monitor their employees’ contribution on the app.

Remote Employees

It’s not just organizations who’re going remote but individuals too. Recently, there has been a rise in freelance workers who work remotely for any number of organizations. Companies now are accepting this changing landscape of remote work and are open to hire more and more freelance employees. This has increased the need for solutions towards keeping workers whether freelance or otherwise connected with each other to ensure consistent and smooth collaboration of teams. Having access to a platform specially designed to keep workspaces linked up makes managing remote teams trouble-free.