More and more companies around the globe have asked their employees to work from home instead of coming to the office, making remote working a new reality that people are getting used to. However, being at home and following an office like schedule can be challenging for many. But thanks to technology, the right and smart use of it has made working from home simpler.

Make your work from home transition less dramatic and the shift to virtual workplaces relatively seamless with Convo.

Better Team Collaboration

Earlier brainstorming required face to face meetings. However, with Convo, you can encourage open communication through video and audio calls. It is believed that calls are a good way to have a detailed discussion, share a quick update with your team, have more eyes on a problem, or brainstorm ideas. Being able to see each other when talking can often help in collaboration.

Not to forget that it also helps in keeping the team intact that might otherwise go neglected when working from home. So now with an always-available video and audio calling feature, no team member is more than a Convo call away.

Group Chats for Easy Group Discussions

Emails can be effective for official decisions, but it can clog up inboxes. So whether you are new to working remotely or a pro, it takes efforts to maintain the connection of team members, especially when the team is afar. Convo group chat brings the team members together for meaningful virtual interactions and strengthens the feeling of togetherness while they work from home.

Convo messenger is packed with innovative features that provide an experience of rich communication. Be it group or instant chats, time and distance no longer play a role. This reaps benefits, such as the employees being engaged, productive, and happy when surrounded by meaningful workplace relationships.

Your Choice of Communication

Communication is among the top issues that individuals encounter when working from home. As the teams are distributed across cities, Convo helps in communicating effectively through Synchronous and Asynchronous communication. However, a strategic balance between the two is useful for achieving maximum efficiency.


Communication that happens in real-time and requires an immediate response. Synchronous communication is usually beneficial when a project requires quick delivery or the team members are new and need to build rapport. This initial engagement should be used to establish a working foundation, such that future touchpoints can be primarily asynchronous.


One remote work best practice is asynchronous communication. This concept simply means that work doesn’t happen at the same time for everyone because the employees are dispersed, and they can respond whenever they want. Asynchronous communication is an asset when working remotely, especially when team members are in multiple time zones.

This makes sure that no one is excluded from important discussions, just because they work from home. Giving team members the ability to move projects forward on a schedule that suits them. This type of autonomy leads to extraordinary loyalty, retention, and quality of work, keeping productivity at par even when working from home.

Working Together Is Possible

Start calls instantly, stay on top of your calendar, encourage social connections, and more, all from within Convo. So whether you are working from home or you are all set to make your way back to the office, working together should be possible anytime, anywhere.

Your secret to revolutionizing your transition to work from home starts with Convo!