Communication between teams is vital for the success of an organization and the key element of focus for managers trying to get the job done right. However, most companies struggle with providing the right tools of communication that bridge communication barriers between their millennial and Generation X workforce. In the recent years, collaboration software has taken the enterprise world by a storm, and more companies have started to incorporate it within their corporate culture.
Reasons for the Enterprise Shift to Collaboration Platforms
The idea behind employing work communication solution is to foster a culture of belonging and ‘being one’- where all employees are kept in the loop and can share their ideas, concerns, customer feedback, etc.
Improved Engagement
One reason why companies have shifted focus from email and third party collaboration tools to a single ‘have it all’ platform is the rise of the non-desk workforce.
With more than 50% of the workforce in most companies being non-desk, lack of proper communication tools has led to decreased productivity and engagement of employees. Taking into account the high numbers, companies are looking towards employing collaboration tool in order to maximize employee productivity and engagement.
Millennials Increasing in Number
A contributing factor towards the shift of enterprise from email to communication tools is the increase in millennial workforce. As more and more millennials join the corporate companies, the need of using mobile based tools and employing the social network environment within the workplace increases. To keep up with the fast rate at which millennials communicate, companies have to offer better tools as an alternative to the slow and formal process of email.
Fulfillment of Security Needs
Security is also a major concern for companies as without the presence of an enterprise collaboration tool, employees tend to make use of third-party tools to share critical company information which is not safe. It also leaves important company data all over the web and on personal devices used by the employees.
In order to offer a fast communication alternative to email, many companies have effectively employed collaboration platforms in the workplace which offer secure communication and collaboration features.
Strengthened Bond Between Company and Employees
Apart from the many obvious benefits that work collaboration tools offer to a company, many companies have witnessed that how having a communication tool has improved their company culture and strengthened the bond between the company and employees.
This may seem like a little thing in the beginning, but in the longer run, it leads to low turnover and higher employee satisfaction.
Convo Provides the Perfect Collaboration Tool
Convo is a tool that perfectly combines the ease and flexibility of social networks and embodies a toolset to improve communication within the workplace. Providing bank grade level of security – at-rest and in-transit encryption, Convo is a tool of choice for major companies. Not only does it help to connect desk and non-desk workforce, it also offers a great alternative to email and provides a complete toolset for real time collaboration.
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