In any company the measure of success relies directly on customer satisfaction and with a new year come new goals for every organization. ‘Data collected over a ten-year period of employee engagement surveys and company results showed that companies with an engaged culture have 30% greater customer satisfaction levels.’
It is no doubt that when employees feel a stronger connection to their own company they tend to also be aligned with the mission and values incorporated within that corporation. Those who feel appreciated at work are more motivated and in turn can provide better performance to their employers.
Company culture and employee performance are directly proportional to one another. When a company invests in the culture in which their employees incubate, it is proven that the risk is well worth the reward. When employees aren’t given a significant amount of value in their role in the company it can be reflected in quality of their work. It tends to be a two way street when employers and the culture surrounding them are invested in them, employee performance tends to improve as well.
There is a stark difference between organizations where employees feel valued versus taken for granted. People who can articulate the mission of the company and
inspire the people beneath them are the leaders that organizations need. It’s not about coming into work and getting the necessary work done but about believing in the product, and if leadership can incorporate these values into their employees then there is a much higher rate of success.
Technology’s effect on company culture
With the induction of technology in every aspect of our lives, our work has become digital too. The teams today are more dynamic, more reliant on their smart devices and dependent on social networks for providing information. Employees not only want monetary rewards for good performance but also require social validation. This led to the annual appraisal system not being enough to keep the employees motivated. Many companies today are struggling with keeping their employees engaged and motivated and actively searching for ways to develop a suitable system that provides these intrinsic rewards.
How to create cultural affinity in digital teams
How do you create cultural affinity within teams that are always on the move or geographically dispersed? Many organizations tried to shift their annual appraisal system to a more agile approach by providing regular feedback and rewards in order to keep employees involved. However, this is not enough and a proper solution needs to be implemented. With today’s workforce being largely comprised of millenials, companies need to take a more social approach towards developing a company culture which is both productive and informal.
Convo helps companies bring teams together
Convo allows a company to not only incorporate the non-desk worker but improve corporate culture by keeping all employees in the loop. It creates a central place to have discussions, make faster decisions, and collaborate in real time. The transparency it offers at all levels of the organization makes employees feel like a part of the system. The various social network like features of the platform offer intrinsic rewards to employees such as getting validation from colleagues and managers etc, while allowing managers to measure employee performance for monetary appraisals.
The entire platform is designed to improve employee engagement, whether it is in the form of contextual discussions, quick feedback or survey polls. It offers teams a chance to have healthy work discussions and also have water-cooler discussions with their work buddies without diverting their focus to any other tool. All of this creates a social network kind of feel within the workplace and employees feel more connected to each other as well as the company even if they’re not working from the office.
Improve your company culture! Try Convo today
Investing in the your employees in turn is really investing in the future and success of your own company. Putting in the effort to reshape a company’s culture can allow you to improve your overall bottomline and reduce your turnover rate. Convo is just the tool that will help you do both. What are you waiting for? Bring your team over to Convo and start collaborating the right way.